Don "The Bomb" George expecting an explosive 2007

By Socrates Palmer Jr


Don "The Bomb" George expecting an explosive 2007

Donovan “Da Bomb” George, the undefeated prospect from Chicago, Illinois is fresh from earning his 12th win as a pro. On Friday February 16th annihilated journeyman Kendall Gould. “Da Bomb” needed a mere a minute of the 1st round to dispose of Gould. This sensational 1st round knockout was in front of a partisan hometown crowd in near by Cicero Stadium. The 22 year old who a few weeks ago became the latest member of the Top Rank boxing stable is not resting on his laurels. Monday morning George was back in the gym.

“It was a great win for me, in the sense of the atmosphere, it was really special. When my music hit the fans went crazy and I was all pumped up. Hopefully I’ll be back in action soon, maybe in April and I get want to stay on track. I’ve got a knockout streak and I want to keep that going,” George.

It was the 6th straight win via knockout, for the blue chip Super Middleweight. It was also the 7th time in 8 opportunities that an opponent had been stopped by George. Despite Gould’s less than sparkling record of 8-12, Gould does have a history of success in the ring. Gould as a junior middleweight was an alternate selection for the 1996 US Olympic Team.

“I know he (Gould) had a good amateur career so I expected a little more. He recently he went the distance with a kid from my gym, who’s a good prospect named Louis Turner. I just happened to hit him with a hard shot and he went down,” George.

“I was completely satisfied it was a clean shot a good right hand. It was a highlight reel knockout. The shot could be heard in the bleachers,” George

Currently George is labeled as a prospect by boxing pundits. Some who have seen him fight and know of him have labeled him “can’t miss.” However in this sport nothing is a grantee. Lack of focus, lack of commitment or even believing your own hype can be the one ink blot that stains a clean record. George by his own admission says that for him to fall into this type of trap would be nearly impossible. His father a retired Chicago police officer is his trainer, and is always patrolling his moves inside of the gym. Also George’s career is guided under the tutelage of Mike Michael and Cestus Management. 

“Right now we are developing a complete boxer. We are turning Donovan into a fighter who is able to adjust to all opponents. Just because Don is putting guys out in the first round does not mean he is not getting in his work. These blowout knockouts are the result of him putting in his work. We are grooming “Da Bomb” to be a world champion who not only wins a title but makes defense, after defense after defense,”  Mike Michael.

For “Da Bomb” self esteem is never an issue however his brashness should not be misconstrued with arrogance. With that in mind, he was bothered by comments made by Brooklyn, New York based Super Middleweight, Curtis “Spice” Jones. Jones on a recent Boxingtalk, video interview called out George. He said that he’d love the chance to fight him and that he was “overrated.”

“When Mike told me Curtis called me out I kind of said oh, ok this could be good, then he told me it was Curtis Jones and I could not believe it. I laughed because I thought it was Curtis Stevens. Curtis Jones? I mean he’s like a .500 fighter. What’s his record 3-2-1?  Give me a break. I can’t call out this guy; I’d be a laughing stock. I’m 12-0 and this guy is 3-2. It would be like me being in High School and picking on a kid who’s in junior high. I’m not a bully or a punk,” George.

Jones was originally perturbed by “Da Bomb’s” after his team offered a fight versus George back in September 2006. Jones was to have been a last minute replacement after George’s original foe failed his medical. Jones told, that he did not take the fight with George because he was not ready to compete, on one day’s notice. According to Mike Michael, Jones wanted no part of his protégé after Jones’ trainer saw him “Da Bomb,” working out.

“At one point I thought Curtis and I were cool, but that was just disrespectful what he said about me. This is boxing and nothing personal when we offered the fight to him. I see him as being frustrated with where his career is. He was a good amateur, he made some noise in the Nationals and now he wants to use my name to get somewhere. Curtis Jones “The Joke” of New York. Curtis is not even the best Super Middleweight in New York, named Curtis,” George.

Advisor Mike Michael feels that “Da Bomb” will break through into the fore front of the sport one day. He feels that George is blessed with everything to be a crossover star with Latin fans and all boxing fans alike. Nonetheless Michael, who has worked with the likes of Lennox Lewis, knows that “Da Bomb,” is still in the early stages of his career.

“Right now there is no rush. We made our début with the most powerful promotion team in boxing and we made a statement. There’s plenty more where that came from, who ever dares steps into the ring with us get ready for a man handling,” Michael.

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