Don King's letter to Jose Sulaiman!


Don King's letter to Jose Sulaiman!


Dear Mr. Sulaiman, DKP is honored and proud to promote the interim WBC heavyweight championship between Hasim Rahman and Monte Barrett. While Hasim Rahman dreams of once again wearing the prestigious green belt around his waist, Monte Barrett is determined that the green belt will be his. Needless to say, either fighter will represent the WBC as the interim heavyweight champion with the respect and dignity it so richly deserves.

Both Rahman and Barrett have accepted the condition as stupulated in your May 4, 2004 letter "...the winner of the fight will be the new WBC heavyweight interim champion of the world and will next fight the WBC heavyweight champion of the world, Vitali Klitschko when he receives medical approval." In fact, both fighters have declared a desire to fight for the most coveted belt in history against the great champion anywhere, anytime, anyplace. Let me take this opportunity to express on behalf of Rahman and Barrett sincere gratitude and appreciation for sanctioning the interim title and allowing them to fulfill their dreams of glory with the WBC.

However, if in fact Mr. Klitschko is ready to fight on August 13, 2005, DKP will gladly forego the interim title and do the fight between Rahman and Klitschko on that very same date. If Mr. Klitschko is not ready, willing and available for August then Klitschko must fight the winner of the interim championship for the WBC heavyweight championship as his next title defense without any intervening bouts.