Dominic Salcido Blasts Onto the Scene with Huge Victory

By Darren Nichols


Dominic Salcido Blasts Onto the Scene with Huge Victory

BoxingTalk:  Dominic, congratulations on your win this past weekend.  Give us your thoughts on your performance.

Dominic Salcido:  I was in great shape but my feet were killing me.  I’ve got big blisters on my feet from moving so much, but that wasn’t going to stop me from taking care of what I needed to do.  I am an athlete and I understand that injuries happen, but you have to set yourself above pain and focus on the job at hand, and that’s exactly what I did.
BoxingTalk:  What statement do you believe you made on Friday?

Dominic Salcido:  I have the best fans anyone could ask for, they pay good money to come see me fight and I bring IT every time I step in the ring, I fight for my fans, they deserve to see the best of Dominic Salcido. I am sending a message to my division that I am a force to be reckoned with.

BoxingTalk:  With only 16 professional fights under your belt so far, almost every opponent you have faced has had a winning record.  Is this your way of proving that you will take on the best until you become a world champion?

Dominic Salcido:  Absolutely.  I know I have to fight the best to be the best. I want to fight the top dogs out there. I can handle anyone, put me in the ring and I will take care of the rest.

BoxingTalk:  Your last two fights have gone the distance, but the two fights prior to those ended in first round knockouts.  What do you feel is the difference in your fights where one ends in a unanimous decision victory and the other ends in first round knockouts?

Dominic Salcido:  In my last two fights I fought dudes that are known for being tough guys. I never really have a set game plan I just let my hands dictate the way the fight will go, if the KO punch shows up then that’s it the dude get knocked out, if it doesn’t then he gets punished for a few rounds!

BoxingTalk:  When do you see yourself back in the ring?

Dominic Salcido:  Right now we are looking at September as my next date.  We are looking at a few people and making calls to get something set up.  It will be big. I am chomping at the bit to showcase my skills to a broader audience.

BoxingTalk:  Who would you like to fight next to show that your worthy of a title?

Dominic Salcido:  Whoever thinks they are worthy of fighting me for my title. I believe I proved that I am worthy to have the belt, I trained hard, I know what it takes mentally and I am dedicated to my sport.  So, if someone thinks they should have my title, then come and fight me for it.

BoxingTalk:  For those who have never seen you fight before, who would you say you most resemble in your fight style and performance?

Dominic Salcido:  Sugar Ray Leonard.  He is my idol.

BoxingTalk:  Any closing thoughts?

Dominic Salcido:  I want everyone out there to know that there is guy named Dominic Salicdo from Rialto who is always willing to put in on the line to become champion.  I’ll fight anyone at 130.  Give me one TV fight and I’ll show the world what I’m all about.


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