Dolajin responds to Manfredo's!

By James Alden


Dolajin responds to Manfredo's!

“They are both are a couple of delusional individuals. In the past when we talked about this fight we kept the trash talking to a minimum because you didn’t need to hype this fight up. We have two guys that want to fight each other and some of the things that the Manfredo camp said weren’t called for and a lot of that stuff is pure fiction. The bottom line is “Put up or Shut up”. Joey Spina is a throw back fighter who is ready to throw it down whenever Peter Manfredo Jr. is ready to step in the ring and fight. At this point when they are taking cheap shots in an interview which is easy to do, I don’t think they are looking for a tough fight. That is a reason why they are going after a middleweight in Giovanni Lorenzo; they are not looking for a tough fight. There is two things that Joey has that Peter doesn’t have and that is one- an undefeated record and two- two title belts. Let me tell you something if Joey Spina lost to Alfonso Gomez, I would retire him on the fucking spot. If he did not knockout Alfonso Gomez, I would still retire him on the spot. They can talk all the shit that they want to about how they did this or how they did that and they can talk about how Scott Pemberton was number one, well how long ago was Scott Pemberton number one?


Peter Manfredo Sr. is a delusional. When I met him and he couldn’t look me in the eye and shake my hand then in my book he is a two faced scum bag. He talked shit about Jesse and Joey before the fight, because I read the interview that you did with him before the fight. This piece of garbage said that Jesse isn’t polished but look who corner this asshole is in, that’s right Jesse Brinkley’s corner and look how much good it did him. This guy puts an adidas alphat on and puts a towel over his shoulder and calls himself a trainer. He is not a fucking trainer; he doesn’t know a fucking left hook from a coat hanger. To further illustrate my point, if he was such a great trainer then why would his son go all the way to California and train with Freddie Roach, because he isn’t a trainer. Joey Spina is the real “Pride of Providence”. Peter Manfredo Sr. and Jr. are both the puss of providence.


JA: Why do you think that this fight is getting made?

PD: I have no idea and for those two morons to say that HBO and ESPN don’t want Joey Spina, its mind boggling to me. These two guys are the biggest stooges that I’ve ever encountered in my life. To this day I can’t figure out when someone gets booted off a show, I don’t care if it’s the contender or Jeopardy that you can get back on after you lost, it’s amazing. But getting back to the fight not getting made, they say that the management team dropped the ball, well we didn’t drop the ball so I don’t know what there talking about. All parties want the fight to happen so I don’t know why this fight isn’t happening. I can go on an on Jimmy about he said this so I am going to say that, but the bottom line is this, just get in the ring and do your talking there, because we certainly are ready to get it going.

JA: I know that we will have plenty more on this story so we will keep it short. Is there anything that you want to say in closing?

PD: Yeah I just want to thank you for doing a lot of the interviews that you do on the East coast. I just hope that this fight gets made Jimmy because like I just said, this can get ugly and I don’t want that to happen, because its not about me it about the fighters. I just hope that Jeff Wald, Jimmy Burchfield and all parties can come together and get this thing done, because in the long wrong the fans of New England are the ones who are going to ultimately suffer the most.