Diego Corrales: "It's going to be another awesome war!"

By G. Leon


Diego Corrales: "It's going to be another awesome war!"

Chico isn't concerned about Tarver-Jones III: "I don't think any fight out there can take away from what me and Castillo are getting ready to do!"

GL: What's good Chico? "Everything man. I've just been working hard. It's been hard on your boy, a lot of hard work. I know what I'm preparing for and I know what I'm in for. From the mental standpoint I have to improve on what my own camp was calling a perfect training. I need to improve on that, and the only way to improve on that is to push harder than I've ever pushed and trainer harder than ever before. I'm trying to double up on everything. That goes for strength, that goes for speed, that goes for defense."

GL: Showtime aired the Castillo fight the other night. After looking at the tape of that fight, what do you feel needs to improve in the rematch?

Diego Corrales: "We're working on everything that needs improvement and you know I can't get into that in an interview, but I'll tell everyone they'll a lot more jabs to the body, a lot more combinations and a lot more uppercuts. I'm going to prepare myself to captialize on the mistakes that he makes and I'm preparing myself for pain. I'm prepared to do it all over again. I'm ready for it."

GL: There isn't any nine month lay-off as there was the first time around. Will you be sharper on (Showtime PPV) October 8 as a result of that?

Diego Corrales: "Absolutely. I'm going to be sharper all the way around. My timing will be better and now it's like my body is remembering everything right away. Jose Luis Castillo has now fought six tough fights in a row and all the punishment he's taken plus what he took in the last fight, I think it's going to make it tougher on him."

GL: How do you feel about finally landing the (two) million dollar money?

Diego Corrales: "It's nice to get into another financial bracket and I feel it's a little overdue, but my place in history and my legacy means more to me than money. It's great to finally break through to this level and it only motivates me to continue to shine for me to stay at that upper echelon. My place in history keeps me driven way more than money does."

GL: On October 1 Antonio Tarver and Roy Jones Jr will fight for the third time on HBO PPV. Their fight will be replayed for free on HBO on October 8 the date you're going to be fighting Castillo on Showtime PPV. Are you concerned that promotion will have a negative impact on your PPV's success?

Diego Corrales: "Not at all. I'm not concerned about it at all. People were excited for the rematch and that was that. Of course there's going to be some people curious to see how Roy can come back, but honestly, I don't think any fight out there could take away from what me and Jose Luis Castillo are getting ready to do. What we did on May 7 is something that is rarely seen, but I'm telling you this fight is going to be nothing but a repeat of an awesome war. Our styles are made for wars. I told everybody from the jump that I was going to fight Castillo and nobody believed, I hope they believe me now when I tell them this is going to be another war."

GL: Will this fight go the distance Diego?

Diego Corrales: "I don't know. I don't think so, but one thing I know is this is going to be a lot of pain for both of us.


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