Diego Corrales Has Plenty to Say About Castillo

By Darren Nichols


Diego Corrales Has Plenty to Say About Castillo

"Am I going to come right back to Castillo? I don’t know, but do I think it should happen? Absolutely. It’s something El Paso deserves."

BoxingTalk: Diego, do I even need to ask you what your thoughts are on the Castillo-Reyes fight?

Diego Corrales: You know what, I wasn’t at home when it was on, so

I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but I know Castillo won.

BoxingTalk: Castillo won, but let me put it this way: Take your two fights with him, and think about the complete opposite. That’s how it went. People were booing by the fourth round. Showtime reported that only 2,000 people were in attendance at the fight.

Diego Corrales: He didn’t even sell the place out when it was that close to his home…WOW!

BoxingTalk: In a recent interview with BoxingTalk, Bob Arum reported that since Jose Luis Castillo had problems making 138 for his fight on Saturday night, that if a third fight with you were to take place, he doubts it would be at 135. What are your thoughts on what Arum is saying?

Diego Corrales: We shall see. Let the business be the business, and let it pan itself out, and we’ll just see what happens from there. My thing is if it doesn’t happen at 138, then we have to see what’s going on. There are too many opportunities for me at lightweight right now.

BoxingTalk: Are you saying that you would bypass a third fight with Castillo for other fights at lightweight?

Diego Corrales: I’m just saying that I want to take my time to see what’s coming. Do I believe what Arum is saying? I don’t know, we shall see.

BoxingTalk: After everything that went on with Castillo not making weight last October and everything that happened at the weigh-in, would you even want to sign a contract to fight Castillo at 135?

Diego Corrales: Would I sign a contract saying that Castillo would make 135? Yes, I would. Because I’d hold him to that, and I would do everything I had to do, even if it meant giving him more time to make weight, I would do whatever I had to do to make sure Castillo would make weight.

BoxingTalk: Reportedly, Castillo came into his fight with Reyes weighing 150. How do you fight a guy who comes in weighing three divisions higher than what you’re suppose to be fighting him at?

Diego Corrales: You know what, it’s the nature of the beast, and it is what we do. We’re kind of use to that, and we kind of expect that. I know what I’m dealing with when I’m dealing with Castillo. So it’s not a real big deal for me. I’m use to it, and I make sure that I don’t let him land those big heavy shots, because that is what he’s depending on. He’s going to deplete himself, and he’s going to shoot everything he has early.


BoxingTalk: When Castillo also mentioned in the post fight interview that he wants another fight in April…

Diego Corrales: …I did hear about that. Do I think Arum is going to let Castillo do that? No. If we get together and we’re trying to work things out for a third fight in June, Bob is not going to let Castillo do that. But then again, you never know. Castillo may do it just to keep himself down on weight, and to keep himself active, so you never know.

BoxingTalk: Are you kind of tired of this whole weight issue surrounding Castillo?

Diego Corrales: It is getting a little old, but it’s a real fact. I mean the guy is having issues making weight.

BoxingTalk: I’m thinking why not just have Castillo move up to junior middleweight and be done with it.

Diego Corrales: Right. Just have him jump right up there. I’ll tell you what. If he fights at junior middleweight, you’ll have guys coming down from 180 to fight him. The same advantages he has at lightweight will be the same advantages other guys will have fighting him at junior middleweight.

BoxingTalk: I’m hearing that you are going back to the gym on Monday. Is that true?

Diego Corrales: Yeah, I’m actually going to try it out, see how I feel, see how my rib feels. Do I know what’s going to happen? No I don’t. You know what’s funny though, when I say I’m doing a light workout, my idea of a light workout is very very different than what other fighters think of a light workout. I only know how to work one way. I only know how to work very very hard. I’m going to give a spin with "light" and then I’ll make my move, and see if I need a little more time, or if I’m going to continue working through the soreness.

BoxingTalk: As you are going about your day doing your normal activities, how is your rib feeling?

Diego Corrales: They feel fine. I’m actually coming down with a cold, and I’m trying to fight that off. I had a sneeze last Saturday, and that really really hurt. Other than that, everything else is fine.

BoxingTalk: As you are getting better and going back to the gym, are you getting yourself prepared to fight Castillo next? What’s next for you?

Diego Corrales: That’s actually J’s and Gary’s job, they sit back, and they talk these things out, and then they bring them to me, and then I know better what’s in front of me. So when they call me and tell what’ going on and what we’re doing then I’ll know what who I’m working for, but for right now I’m working for me. I’m working to get myself back in shape. I’m at the gym, I’m working with the weights.

BoxingTalk: After you had to pull out of the fight with Castillo because of your injury, are you still held contractually to fight Castillo as your next fight?

Diego Corrales: No I’m not, but you know what, seriously, look what happened tonight. This kind of stuff shows that we need to go back to El Paso to give these people what they were looking for, what they were waiting for, and what they were asking for, and that was me and Castillo. El Paso was waiting on us, and they wounded up with Castillo and Rolando, and that deflated things. That is not the rematch they were waiting for, they wanted to see a war. They wanted to see the end of this epic battle again, and that makes a difference. Am I going to come right back to Castillo? I don’t know, but do I think it should happen? Absolutely. It’s something El Paso deserves.

BoxingTalk: Thinking that you were watching the fight on Saturday night, they asked Castillo after the fight if he had any words for you, and he pretty much just said hi and congratulated on your expectant baby. Do you have any words for Castillo?

Diego Corrales: Tell him I say thank you. I’m going to tell you something Darren, me and Castillo have been very professional and gracious with each other, and that isn’t very common. So all I can say is thank you. I appreciate that stuff. It’s not often that you hear that kind of thing from a fighter, especially like me and him who are friendly with each other, but when we get into the ring together we are adversaries to the utmost.


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