DiBella Infuriated Over Campbell's Remarks

By G. Leon


DiBella Infuriated Over Campbell's Remarks

The $65,000 DBE Offered Is Now OFF The Table!

Almost needless to say, promoter Lou DiBella is infuriated over the remarks his junior lightweight contender Nate Campbell made to Boxingtalk.com When Campbell was knocked out for "foolishly dropping his hands against Robbie Peden", his contract with DiBella Entertainment was replaced by a two fight amedment. Dibella stated that according to terms of this two fight amendment Campbell's minimum purse was $10,000 and that Campbell would have to win two fights before the original contract (where Nate's $75,000 championship minimum is located) is reinstated.

Since losing to Peden, Campbell has defeated Tiger Martinez for the #2 spot in the IBF rankings. DiBella said he worked a near miracle by getting Campbell back into a fight for the #2 spot immediately following the Peden fight, "especially against a #15 contender," said DiBella in reference to Martinez.

"Nate should be grateful that he's getting the opportunity to fight for the world title eight months after foolishly dropping his hands against Robbie Peden.

"Does getting knocked out by Robbie Peden for doing something like that, justifiy him making five times more than $15,000 he received to fight him the first time?," DiBella rhetorically asked.

DiBella argues that Campbell is not challenging for a world title, he's fighting for a vacant title. We'll  leave this one for those involved to figure out but in my opinion a championship fight is a championship fight.

Furthermore, DiBella stated to Boxingtalk.com that the $65,000 he offered to Campbell is now off the table.

DiBella explained that there was $140,000 to make the fight in Australia.$75,000 was going to Peden's side and the remaining $65,000 went to Campbell.

"The $75,000 went to Peden's side so we could lead the promotion because Nate's manager made it perfectly clear that he wasn't going to Australia if Goossen was leading the promotion.

"I gave him every penny of the money on the table because I believe he's going to win the fight, but after this ungrateful act that's off the table now!

DiBella also scoffed, "If there's any other promoters out there interested in the Nate Campbell business my phone lines are open!"

Boxingtalk.com also spoke with DiBella's attorney Josh Dubin, who added, "What Nate is doing now is sad. Instead of turning the other way and terminating DBE's relationship with Nate after his loss to Peden, which most promoters would have done, we agreed to continue working with Nate to get him back to the same position he was in before he decided to drop his hands and stick his chin out.

"So we entered into this agreement that Lou referenced to you whereby he was to get two fights which were categorized as rebuilding fights where his minimum purse was to be $10,000 per fight.

"The facts here are very simple, this is the second fight under that agreement and his minimum purse is $10,000. Contrary to what Nate Campbell says, as a show of Lou's integrity he's willing to pay $55,000 above that minimum. And even assuming that Nate's original promtional contract were still in tact, which it isn't for this fight because again, this is the second fight under the amendment, his arguement is irrational at best.

"Regardless of what you say Greg, the fact of the matter is that a world championship challenge contemplates the situation where one fighter is challenging another fighter who is holding a championship belt. That's not what we have here. We have two guys fighting for a vacant title."

"I'm really disappointed in Nate because he claims in his interview with you that this is about business and it's not personal. But all he did in his interview is attempt to assasinate the character of a guy whose done nothing but stand by his side."



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