Dennis Hobson: Hatton will stop Urango!

By G. Leon


Dennis Hobson: Hatton will stop Urango!

GL: Tell us about it Dennis. What can we expect to see from Ricky Hatton on Saturday night? "I think you'll see a lot more of a complete performance, where Ricky is not just going to come in like he has in his last couple fights. After Kostya Tszyu we just thought he would steam through everyone who we put in front of him. I think without seeing him get on his bike, you'll see a lot more movement and skill. I think the kid he's fighting is very strong, but obviously Ricky is very strong as well and we believe that he's got enough in his arsenal to get to him in the later rounds."

GL: After the last fight with Collazo took place at welterweight, it's obvious you guys feel Ricky is better served at 140, why is that?

Dennis Hobson: "If we have to fight at 147 for a fight like Floyd Mayweather Jr, Shane Mosley or Miguel Cotto we would do that. But to fight a slick southpaw in your first fight in the States on this level and not have the best training camp, I believe you'll see a tremendous improvement on Saturday night. It wasn't the ideal preparation and we fought in Boston, which is right down the road from New York and we had legal matters to handle with Mr. Warren. Ricky will have no problem fighting at 147 for the right fight."

GL: Hatton and Castillo will be fighting in each other in June as long as everything goes well on Saturday night. How concerned are you about Jose Luis Castillo not being able to make 140 pounds?

DH: "I am concerned. The game that we're in things can fall apart at the last minute, but that's what makes it so interesting. Right now it's on the table, but for some reason if he doesn't make the weight we're going to have a problem making that fight. But to put it bluntly, if Castillo doesn't make the weight, that's his problem. He'll be the one missing out on a mega-payday and a mega-event if he doesn't fight Ricky."

GL: Will Hatton-Urango go the distance?

DH: "Honestly, I don't think it'll go the distance. I'm expecting a Ricky Hatton stoppage. The biggest match out there right now is Mayweather-De La Hoya is the biggest fight out there, but it could wind up being a game of chess. Ricky and Urango and Ricky and Jose Luis Castillo are wars. They might not be as big at the box ofice, but there's going to be a lot more excitement and drama in those fights because that's what Ricky Hatton brings, drama."


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