Demetrius Hopkins to make HBO Debut Nov 25th?

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Demetrius Hopkins to make HBO Debut Nov 25th?

RC: What’s going on Demetrius?
DH: Aint nothing man… What’s the boy name man? I mean I know his name but to me he is nothing

RC: You are referring to Emanuel Augustus, Correct?
DH: Yes as far as me fighting him I didn’t know anything about that... I knew nothing about it (The possibility of facing Augustus), he is out there talking this and talking that we can go ahead and get it in. Ray you know me man, I don’t even need to talk trash and I don’t even know what he is talking about.

RC: Well according to his interview, he basically said that you were reluctant to fight him on HBO for a subsidiary title, how accurate is that?
DH: Ray, I didn’t know nothing about me fighting him. I heard a couple different things; I saw on the Internet that I was supposed to be fighting Junior Witter for the WBC title. No body told me that I was supposed to fight him (Augustus). My team knows I will fight whoever it is they put in front of me.  If I would have known I was supposed to fight him I would have signed the contract, I don’t duck anybody and you know that. He is talking a lot of bullcrap. If he wants to fight then let him know we can do this. No contract was ever given to me; my lawyer didn’t even know anything about that. We got to do it, we got to get it in. I will prove by beating him that I am one of the best 140lb in the division.

RC: At this point in Augustus’ career, do you feel that by beating him it will prove that you’re one of the better Jr. Welterweights in the division?
DH: I don’t have to prove nothing and to be honest Ray, I don’t even need him. He lost to a guy (Michael Warrick by UD) that I just beat, a guy that I beat by knock out.  If anything he needs me I don’t need him. I’m trying to fight the best of the best. I want the big names in the divisions, I am trying to fight Ricky Hatton and the big wolves in the 140lb division and I feel like he is not a big wolf. I don’t care who he fought.

RC: He made comparisons to you and your uncle and stated “I have the outmost respect for the last name Hopkins when it comes to the fightgame but if Bernard's nephew is going to disrespect it by side stepping around me and yet say he wants to be the best like his uncle is ridiculous”. What are your thoughts on his comments?
DH: he is looking for a payday; he is on his way out of the game. He is looking for a payday to feed his family. He has like what something 10-20 losses?

RC: According to he has 68 fights with 27 losses…
DH: Okay… that’s a lot of losses. So you tell me Ray if he is looking for a payday or not.

RC: So if not Emmanuel Augustus, do you have any idea when you will return to the ring and against who?
DH: I am supposed to be fighting on November 25th on HBO. I will be fighting a guy name Rogelio Castaneda Jr. 23-10-3(8)

RC: What can you tell us about him?
DH: I don’t know anything about this guy. I will be receiving a tape of him this week. He has s funny name, he is Mexican I know that.

As far as me fighting Augustus though I didn’t know anything about that.  He is looking to make $50,000 or so, that is what he is looking for. He is doing the right thing, I would do the same thing if I had a chance to fight Floyd (Mayweather) or fight one of the top fighters because this is business. But I don’t feel like I need him to prove that I am one of the best 140lb fighters in the division. I am trying to get the big wolves. But if he does run across the rankings them we gotta do it.

RC: Anything else you would like to add for now?
DH: Look for me November 25th, I will look tremendous, sharp and I am going to put on a real good show. I am getting old now, I am a little bit more mature, my body is filling out, and I am hitting harder. I am working on my defense, working on my countering; I am working on a lot of stuff for this fight.


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