DeMarcus Corley in action on Friday night

By G. Leon


DeMarcus Corley in action on Friday night

GL: You return to the ring against Dairo Esalas on Friday night. Can you give us some final thoughts on the bout? "I'm looking forward to get back in the ring. It feels great to be back in shape. I'm looking to knock him out within four rounds just to put myself back into the rankings."

GL: Are there any plans for you beyond this Friday night? Has your next move already been solidified?

DeMarcus Corley: "Dana Jamison and Don put this fight together for me. Hopefully we campaign between 135 and 140 to fight the best guys out there."

GL: What's the game plan for 2008?

DC: "The game plan is to stay busy and get myself in position for another title shot. The fact of the matter is, nobody wants to fight me because I'm a threat. I'm coming to knock people out right now. Everybody I get in there with I have to knock out, I can't let fights go to the decision."

GL: Based on the fact that you've lost your last few major fights, do you feel you need to be somebody who the fans would view as a threat before you get the fights you want?

DC: "Definitely. I got to fight one of the top five guys in the division, somebody with a name to help get me back on the map."

GL: Closing thoughts?

DC: "Stay tuned to Boxingtalk, where you get it first and they keep it real."


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