DeGuardia discusses Rumbles in The Bronx at the Paradise!

By G. Leon


DeGuardia discusses Rumbles in The Bronx at the Paradise!

GL: Tell us about your show in the Bronx tomorrow night. "It's going to be another fun night of boxing, you're going to see entertainment. You know the Paradise Theater is one of the most beautiful venues for boxing because you get a lot of fun there and it's going to be an exciting night. We're going to have an exciting main event, but come out early, the doors open at 6:30. We're going to have red carpet out there because we're expecting a lot of celebrities and we're going to start off with some good hard boxing action. It's a heavy Bronx card and it's a throwback to the old days."

GL: Are these shows something that we can expect to see monthly?

Joe DeGuardia: "It's very important to bring boxing back to Bronx and we plan on doing it as often as we can. These cards give you New York City boxing without the Manhattan prices. The main event is going to be an exciting fight, we have two top ten guys fighting for the number two spot in the IBF for the right to fight Cory Spinks for his title. Terrance Cauthen is a bronze medallist and he's turned his career around. He's making for exciting fights and he's not looking to take a backwards step. This fight will be for the USBA title and Raul Frank is a former world title challenger so we're expecting it to be a very exciting main event."

GL: What's your prediction for the main event?

JD: "I think Cauthen has become a different kind of fighter. Personally I think he's ready for the best in the division right now, but Frank has been around the block and he's as tough as they come."

GL: How have ticket sales been going?

JD: "They have been going well. We're expecting a good crowd and the VIP's are already overbooked. We're keeping that section nice and refined, so it's very difficult to get a ticket there. The Pine will be catering to the VIP section and we're looking forward to that because it's top notch food. It's like I said we're going to be putting on NYC level events with Bronx County prices. I want to develop a brand here, a place people can go to watch some great fights."

GL: Who will televise this card?

JD: "It will be televised nationally on HDNet the following night and then it will be aired on MSG as well. But you should get out there and see it live because the lobby is vibrating with music and the place is bouncing with excitement."

GL: Tarver was orginally pencilled in for Febraury 24, but that isn't happening now. When can we expect to see Tarver back in the ring?

JD: "It's going to very soon, we're looking to get him in the ring as soon as we can and I'm expecting to have an announcement shortly."

GL: Boxingtalk recently reported that Elvir Muriqi was under heavy consideration to be the opponent for Tarver's comeback. Is that still the case?

JD: "You did report that and we're looking at a couple of different guys. As always you have good ears on Boxingtalk, but right now I'd rather not comment either way."

GL: What's the latest with Kevin Johnson?

JD: "We're looking to put him in a step up fight but we're having a hard time getting some guys to get in the ring with him and I'm talking about some top names."

GL: Such as?

JD: "I don't want to knock these guys. We've been out there trying to get these fight...

GL: (cutting in) Such as?

JD: "We were willing to take David Tua for practically nothing, but he didn't want anything to do with Kevin. And that's just one example.

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JD: "Get over to the Bronx and look at these young fighters we got. Joel Castillo is fighting William Gill, who is coming off of that big knockout win over Dante Craig. We've got a ton of Bronx talent on this card. Maureen Shea will be on the card and it's going to be a really exciting night of boxing."