DeGuardia Setting Up Junior Middleweight War for April 25th

By Darren Nichols


DeGuardia Setting Up Junior Middleweight War for April 25th

"Andrey Tsurkan and Jesse Feliciano are two warriors who only know one way of fighting. They throw more punches than anybody I know."

Boxingtalk:  Joe, what’s the latest and greatest with Star Boxing?

Joe DeGuardia:  We’ve been regularly busy.  Taking care of our guys, and keeping them  busy, getting them fights.

BT:  You have another fight card coming up on April 25th at the Paradise Theatre in the Bronx, New York.  What can you tell us about that event?

JD:  We’re exciting about that one.  What’s good about it is it’s at the Paradise Theatre which always makes for exciting fights.  It’s like being in the real boxing world.  All different types of fans sit in the audience, and they all know boxing.  It’s not like sitting in a quiet casino ballroom.  We have particularly the most exciting fight of the year with Andrey Tsurkan and Jesse Feliciano facing each other.  Here are two warriors who only know one way of fighting.  They throw more punches than anybody.  Andrey has a greater punch output than anybody I know, and Jesse is all blood and guts.  We’re still working on getting that fight done, and we expect to have a very explosive night on April 25th.

Bt:  Where do you put the winner of the Tsurkan-Feliciano fight after April 25th?

Joe DeGuardia:  The winner becomes a contender for title fight.  Andrey has certainly earned another title shot, especially considering that he has a pleasing style and hasn’t had a real loss.  His fight with Yuri Foreman was a controversial split decision loss for him.  His fight with Shawn Garnett was a bad stoppage.  Andrey was cut above the eye when he was winning the fight.  It should not have been stopped.  His other loss was against Kuvanych Toygonbayev, which was a war years ago.  Andrey is a fan favorite because every fight he is in is a war, and that’s the type of guy you want to see win a title. Jesse can walk into anther title shot and do just fine as he gave Kermit Cintron fits last November.

Bt:  What plans do you have with the undefeated Kevin Johnson for 2008?

Joe DeGuardia:  Kevin will fight anybody.  Every offer has been made to the top heavyweights, and they don’t want a piece of him.  He’s too quick and too slick. Fortunately, the sanctioning bodies have seen him and have him ranked.  We’ll fight anybody out there.  Kevin doesn’t make money an issue.  He will step in there and show the skills he has and rise to the occasion.  It’s unfortunate that the HBO’s and Showtime’s of the world who want an American heavyweight champion don’t take these fighters and make them fight each other.  That’s what needs to be done, and that’s why Germany has been able so successful.  They showcased their fighters and made them champions.

Bt:  Vinny Maddalone scored a victory earlier this month.  What are your plans with him as we approach the second quarter of the year?

JD:  Vinny had a great victory with a second round stoppage.  He looked good.  For the first time in years, I was able to take a picture with him after one of his fights without getting his blood on me.  Vinny has a great record, and he deserves a shot.  He has 20 knockouts, and he gives the fans what they want.  He give 110%, and a guy like that, I’d like to see him in a meaningful fight.  The fans come and support him because he is like the heavyweight Arturo Gatti.  He has so much heart and determination.

BT:  What else do you have coming down the pipeline that can whet the appetite of fight fans?

JD:  I’ll tell you what they can look forward to - some of the guys in our stable.  They may know about Elvir Muriqi, Kevin Johnson, and Devin Vargas the undefeated heavyweight and former Olympian.  But we have some up-and-coming kids that are really exciting.  Like Curtis Stevens who just had that impressive knockout win over Thomas Reid.  I’m looking forward to the development of Ray Robinson.  He’s a gentleman like Vinny Maddalone.  I’m looking forward to seeing a clean cut respectable guy Ray Robinson who can really fight and doesn’t look like a thug.  He’s polished in a three piece suit, and is a guy you like that can be our future in boxing.  I have Raymond Serrano, who is a very impressive 18 year cross between a Fernando Vargas and a De La Hoya.  If you go to WWW.GOFIGHTLIVE.COM, you can see Serrano’s last fight on March 6th at the Grand Ballroom in New York.  You can see him destroying Abraham Bruno.  These are the things that are exciting about the future of boxing.  I think Kevin Johnson is the future o the heavyweight division, I think he can bring the championship back to America just like Joe Louis did against Max Schmeling many years ago.

BT:  Any closing thoughts?

JD:  Keep watching out for our guys.  We have some of the best fighters in the world right now, and they appreciate your support.  Come watch them live.




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