DeAndrey Abron Plans On Returning Home a Light Heavyweight Champion

By G. Leon


DeAndrey Abron Plans On Returning Home a Light Heavyweight Champion

GL: Can you tell us how you're feeling days removed from the biggest fight of your life against WBO light heavyweight champion Zsolt Erdei?  "Like always, I'm still relaxed right now and I'm feeling good. We had a good workout today and I'm only a pound overweight and that's after eating. I'm excited and I'm ready to do this."

GL: What do you know about Zsolt Erdei as a fighter?
DA: "I know he's going to come hard. He's got a good style. He has tight defense and he likes to put on a  lot of pressure, which is good because it's going to give me the chance to show people I can really box now. It's perfect for me. Right now everything is going in my favor. I've been sparring with Verno Phillips, a guy everybody says is too old and he goes and wins the world title in Cory's backyard. I'm out to do the same thing here. They say I'm supposed to be the older guy [Abron is listed at 35, Erdei is listed at 33], but I don't know. I'm not the guy who has more miles on him so I don't know."

GL: What weaknesses do you see in Erdei that you plan on exploiting come Saturday night?
DA: "He's going to come to me and that's going to give me a chance to show that I can box, and I'm going to have a chance to show off my power and my hand speed. Everybody that I've fought I've had to chase down, so this fight is going to give me the chance to display my skills."

GL: What would a victory mean to you?
DA: "It would be the beginning. I accomplished some pretty good things as an amatuer and I plan on repeating them in the pro's. I'm still learning, but a victory here would open up so many doors."

GL: How has the experience in Germany been thus far and do you feel you need to knock him out to come back to the States with the title?
DA: "That's something I was thinking about coming in, but this is a homecoming for me. I started boxing in Germany, but I'm a little disappointed at how far down south we are because the guys who I was stationed with in Manheim, can't make it. It's a homecoming to me though. I'm used to being in the hostile environment."

GL: Closing thoughts?
DA: "Greg I'm feeling good, and I'm looking forward to making a statement on Saturday night and returning to the States with a title. I want the fans and light heavyweight division to watch out. I also want to thank my sponsors for helping me get ready for this fight."


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