De La Hoya issues deadline for Mayweather, THE INTERVIEW

By G. Leon


De La Hoya issues deadline for Mayweather, THE INTERVIEW

GL: Floyd Mayweather's promoter Dan Goossen came on the record and responded to many of the remarks you made on Boxingtalk. Are you aware of Mr. Goossen's interview? "No I am not, I'm going to have to check it out. But anyway, we gave Floyd Mayweather a proposal which we submitted to his management team because obviously he doesn't have a promoter. We submitted an offer to his management and they have one week to give us their answer if it's yes or no. If it's yes then we have a fight on May 5 and if it's no, so be it."

GL: Does the offer you made him concur with the "if there as $1 on the table, now there's 50cents" comment you made to us the other day?

ODLH: "Well, no. It's actually still a very lucrative offer and I personally think he should take it so Mayweather's team has one week to say yes or to say no."

GL: And this offer was sent out today?

ODLH: "Yes we did."

GL: If you're not really feeling the fight like you told me the other day, why even make him an offer?

ODLH: "Because obviously it shows that I want to make the fight. I have to sit back myself and pull myself back down and say, do I really want to make this fight or don't I want to make the fight? And I do want to make the fight so I gave him one week to respond. If they don't want to make the fight everyone will know it's because he doesn't want to fight."

GL: So are you feeling the fight now more than you were a couple of days ago?

ODLH: "The fact of the matter is I want to fight him, I've always wanted to fight him and as a competitor in this sport, as an athlete your always looking for that challenge and obviously I'm not kidding anybody here, Mayweather would be a challenge."

GL: When we spoke last week while I was in Vegas, you made it clear that there was no way you would fight Mayweather in May if he fights in February. Does that still hold true?

ODLH: "Absolutely, it's too risky. He said he hurt his hand with the Baldomir fight. I'm not going to risk the fact, what if he hurts his hand again, or breaks it, or gets cut. It's too risky. The payday for him comes on May 5 so why would he want to take another fight? It doesn't make sense."

GL: May 5 is the payday, so don't risk the really big money over the regular money, right?

ODLH: "Absolutely. We talked to his manager Al Haymon and we're going to give him a week. If it doesn't happen, at least it's not because we didn't want it to happen, the fault would lay on their part."

GL: If Mayweather does not accept your offer, who does you start honing in on for May 5?

ODLH: "I'll have to rethink what I'm going to do, but ultimately I am going to fight. I don't know who, but I am going to fight."

GL: I love it Oscar...

ODLH: "Juicy, juicy, juicy."

GL: Yes, very juicy.

ODLH: "Only on BoxingTalk, huh!"
GL: Have you seen Baldomir fight yet?

ODLH: "Not yet, I'll wait until Saturday night."

GL: It's clear to me that Mayweather's peformance over Baldomir really has no bearing on your offer.

ODLH: "The offer is what it is and it shows that I really do want to make this fight."

GL: If the offer is what it is, is the offer what it once was? Has the offer changed from what it was originally?

ODLH: "Not much, and not enough to not make the fight."

GL: The other day you gave said if it was $1, now it's 50cents. Using your original example, if the offer once was $1 what is it now?

ODLH: "It's all the way up to about 95. I really want to make this fight, I really do. This is the fight I want to make."

GL: Will Mayweather Sr train you if Floyd accepts the offer?

ODLH: "Well, I would have to sit down with Floyd Sr and discuss the situation and then take it from there. Most likely it will be that way. But Greg, do you think I have to fight this guy?

GL: Oscar I don't think you have to fight anybody. I would like to fight you though, I could use a payday and I could use the exposure.

ODLH: (laughs) "But why would I want to fight this guy, it makes no sense."

GL: I'll tell you why you want to fight him. Because you're Oscar De La Hoya and you've always fought the best guys out there. Your resume speaks for itself and you're a competitor so no matter how much money you have, when you get in the ring you want to test your skills against the best and if Floyd is the best thing out there, then he's who you want to dance with.

ODLH: "And I'm still young, and I have the experience and I know I can beat him. If I didn't think I could beat him I wouldn't take the fight."

GL: You took the Bernard Hopkins fight because you thought you could beat him. You're a competitor, so you're supposed to think you can beat anybody.

ODLH: "And I was in the fight until I got caught with a good body shot."

GL: Hypothetically speaking, if PBF accepts the offer and Mayweather Sr is training you to fight his son, would you be at all concerned that you're being trained by the father of your opponent? Do you think your father would be capable of telling another man how to beat you up?

ODLH: "That's why I want to sit down with Floyd Sr and get a feel for that. I wouldn't know how it would feel, with me fighting his son. I want to look into his eyes and see what he thinks about the fight before I make any decisions. I want to get a feeling from him...

GL: (cutting in) You do realize that over the last six months he's taken more shots at Floyd than you have.

ODLH: "I know, but we'll see."

GL: So we have a week or less to see what he wants to do.

ODLH: "Absolutely, he has one week. Let the countdown begin.

GL: I think that's about it Oscar. Is there anything else?

ODLH: "No, but if we have to talk everyday leading up to the countdown, we'll talk everyday leading up to the countdown. We're going to put the countdown on Boxingtalk, 6days, 20hours and 13 mintues..."


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