De La Hoya: "Mayorga won't go the distance!"

By G. Leon


De La Hoya: "Mayorga won't go the distance!"

Golden Boy says PBF not the same fighter at 147!

GL: How has preparation for Mayorga been going? "It's been going great. This has been one of my best training camps in a long time. I'm trimmed down and I'm ready. I came out of camp today at 151 pounds and I'm more than ready."

GL: Mayorga's mouth makes it easy to get up for him, is that the kind of challenge you were looking for coming off the long hiatus?

ODLH: "That's the reason I'm fighting him, for that extra motivation. I knew he was going to get under my skin all along and that's the kind of motivation I need at this point of my career. Along with training in Puerto Rico with my family and having my baby here, it's been tremendous and like I said this has been one of my best training camps."

GL: Does the possibility of ring rust concern you?

ODLH: "Absolutely. We've taken every measure to avoid the ring rust, I was training earlier than expected, I was in camp a month early and I was sparring earlier. I now have 130 rounds of sparring under my belt. I still have about 40 more to go and I feel great. Ring rust was more of a concern two months ago because I didn't feel my punches flowing as fast and my rhythm wasn't there. About a month ago I started feeling great and I feel like I haven't lost anything. I feel fresh, rested and ready to go."

GL: Were you able to find suitable professional sparring partners for Mayorga or did you go to the bars in Puerto Rico and grab a bunch of guys?

ODLH: "We actually got sparring partners that Felix Trinidad was using when he fought Mayorga. Wild guys who come at you and make you fight. I've been actually having an easy time with them by using my boxing skills and my stiff long jab that I once showed a long time ago. My hand is feeling great, I feel no pain. My physical is good and I'm ready to go."

GL: In the second half of fights you haven't been as strong as you are during the first six rounds. Are you hoping this time off has you rested to where you'll be able to step your game up down the stretch if need be?

ODLH: "Yeah. And I figured it out. Finally. I figured out why I get tired and it's because I'm not relaxed enough in the ring. If you look at the best fighters out there, guys like James Toney and Floyd Mayweather Jr, they fight relaxed and that's why they can go twelve rounds with no problem. Look at Toney, he's never run a day in his life and he could come in at 260 for a fight and still go twelve rounds with no problem. What is he doing right? He's a relaxed fighter when he's in the ring. He doesn't exert all of his energy, and that's something Mayweather Sr has been instilling in me. He tells me that he's never seen anyone train as hard as I do, and I started studying my fights and I watched them over and over again, and it's because I'm a tense fighter in the ring. I'm always grinding my teeth...

GL: (cutting in) And what do you feel is causing that tension?

ODLH: "I'm an emotional fighter. I always go out there wanting to look my best. I put added pressure on myself to be the best and I just have to go out there and believe in myself and believe in the training I did."

GL: Does Mayorga last twelve rounds?

ODLH: "I don't think so. I don't see him going twelve rounds with me."

GL: A lot of body work coming right? You should leave the head alone.

ODLH: "Obviously you have to work his body but I'm going to wear him down with the body work and then open up on him."

GL: After their fights with Mayorga, Vernon Forrest and Cory Spinks both complained to me about consistent rabbit punches. Is getting hit behind the head often a concern of yours and will you and your people see to the referee is aware of this prior to the fight?

ODLH: "Absolutely. We're very happy with Jay Nady being the referee of this fight. He's a very good ref and he knows how to make sure the fighters are fighting clean. That worry that I had is gone knowing that Jay Nady will be the referee."

GL: Is the plan still two more fights and you're done?

OLDH: "Yes. If all goes well with this fight I plan on fighting in September."

GL: Against?

ODLH: "Well we don't know who the opponent but it will be a top guy. There's been talks about Mayweather and they're rumbling out there about a fight with Mayweather Jr but we don't know...

GL: (cutting in) We're rumbling because the last time we spoke you said you wanted to finish your career fighting the very best.

ODLH: "Well yeah, and I've always faced the best and I will continue to face the best. I just have so much respect for his father that I would have to talk with him before hand, see what he says and take it from there."

GL: What are your thoughts on the Mayweather-Judah and what happened in the tenth round of that fight?

ODLH: "The Nevada Commission I feel was maybe just a bit too harsh, but they did the right thing. They obviously have to put their foot down but a $200,000 fine when that's his whole purse is a lot of money. The Nevada State Athletic Commission is one of the best Commissions out there and I guess they did the right thing. I would have probably given him a $100,000 fine though."

GL: What can you tell us about Mayweather's performance against Judah?

ODLH: "He's not the same fighter at 147. As the opposition gets tougher, which obviously it will be, he's just not the same fighter. At 140 he's in his own element and he's fast and strong, but those seven pounds is a huge difference and I hope people understand that when I moved up six weight division's it's a remarkable thing."

GL: Would you pick Mayweather over Margarito at 147?

ODLH: "Yeah. He's too fast for Margarito. He's just too fast and I don't understand why people are pushing a Margarito fight on Floyd. There's fights like Ricky Hatton who would present a more exciting fight. There's fights like the Miguel Cotto's...

GL: (cutting in) Or the Oscar De La Hoya's after May 6?

ODLH: "We'll see, but I have to talk to Floyd Sr. first. We have to get poppa's permission."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

ODLH: "I'm pain free, we're happy with this camp, it's been tremendous and we're moving forward full steam ahead. I truly feel this even will be a big event like when I fought Trinidad or even bigger. With all of the promoting we've been doing this is going to be an amazing event. Golden Boy Promotions is about to show them how it's done!"


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