De La Hoya: May 5th "by far the biggest fight of my life"

By Alex Stone


De La Hoya: May 5th "by far the biggest fight of my life"

We are now less than two weeks away from what is one of the most anticipated fights in the in recent decades. On May 5, Oscar De La Hoya and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will get it on for a spot in boxing history, as well as De La Hoya’s WBC junior middleweight title. On Wednesday, De La Hoya called in from his training camp in Puerto Rico to give us a little insight as to how he is feeling just ten days away from what he called, “by far the biggest fight my life.” Many wondered though, with the massive events he has already competed in - highly publicized fights with Felix Trinidad, Fernando Vargas, Bernard Hopkins and two with Shane Mosley – is this truly the biggest fight of his career?  The Golden Boy answered yes “because I am also promoting this fight, it feels so much bigger.”

De La Hoya said that Mayweather has already done his job by getting under his skin, and we all know what happens when Oscar gets pissed (stoppage wins against Vargas and Ricardo Mayorga). “I can’t wait for that opening bell. I can’t wait to just run over to his corner and start fighting. I dream about it every night,” claims De La Hoya. Seems as though Oscar is a bit eager to duke it out with Mayweather, but he knows better than to try and take the Pretty Boy’s head off with one shot. “I have trained angry, but I will not fight angry,” stated De La Hoya with confidence in his ring wisdom.

When asked about his weight and physical condition, De La Hoya was more than happy to let us know how he’s feeling. “I am in great shape and I feel like I am 25 again. I really feel that the De La Hoya of 2007 could beat the De La Hoya of 1997.” When on the subject of weight, De La Hoya, the naturally bigger man in the fight, added “a few pounds does make a difference. When you have two smart fighters in there, the power and extra weight makes a big difference. I’m no pushover.”

The talk by many in recent years is that the sport of boxing is deteriorating and losing popularity by the minute. However, this sold out fight already has a ecord live gate and hopes to break all-time pay-per-view records, which would help prove the rumors of a dying sport to be ultimately wrong. “On May 5, all eyes will be on the boxing world,” states Golden Boy. “This will be the best fighting the best. Not only will this fight attract fans, but it will make the boxing world better because it will grab the attention of other fighters. It will make other fighters say ‘hey, I want to be involved in these big fights. When this happens, hopefully it will just turn into one big fight after another, all year round.”

Since the mega-fight has been announced, publicity for the big night has been steadily increasing. “Tecate beer is even putting an image of the fight on all of their cans,” said De La Hoya. “You won’t be able to walk into any gas station or store without seeing this fight advertised. All of the things that Tecate, Dr. Pepper, Southwest Airlines and the others are doing is going to boost this fight,” added the Mexican super star.

Will the Golden Boy get overconfident and think he can walk right through Mayweather?  “His has very fast hands, but on May 5 I am going to match his hand speed,” claimed De La Hoya. Questionable statements (saying his speed is equal to Mayweather’s) can make someone second guess a fighter’s confidence. It is one thing for De La Hoya to say he is going to knock out Mayweather – after all, Mayweather is susceptible to the left hook more than anything (which isn’t much), and the left hook is De La Hoya’s money shot. But does he really think he can match the hand speed of the Pretty Boy? Maybe Oscar is geared up and ready to fight… or maybe he secretly doubts himself enough  to make such a ludicrous statement.

Speaking of hands, the issue of Mayweather’s brittle hands came up, and De La Hoya did not hide his knowledge of the fact. “If I smell blood, I will go in for the kill. It’s like a hunter with wounded animal; you have to go after it.” One could easily say that De La Hoya is ready to take it to Mayweather, as he seems to be chomping at the bit. “I can’t wait for this night; it’s all I think about. I feel proud to be fighting on such an important Mexican holiday (Cinco De Mayo).”

De La Hoya – Mayweather, “The World Awaits” will be broadcast live on HBO-PPV Saturday, May 5 at 9pm ET.  


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