Davtaev: My next win fight Will Bring Me Much Closer To a title shot

By G. Leon


Davtaev: My next win fight Will Bring Me Much Closer To a title shot

Davtaev in action on February 21

GL: How has everything been in preparation for your February 21st bout against fellow undefeated heavyweight John Napari (21-0, 15 KOs)? Apti Davtaev: "At the moment I am preparing in the USA at the Kronk Gym and the finish line of preparation is coming out." GL: What do you know about Napari? What do you think of him? AD: "This is a serious challenge for me, John is undefeated and a strong boxer.  I am very serious about this fight and look forward to showcasing myself in the ring." 
GL: Napari is undefeated but untested, what do you think a win in this fight will do for your career?
AD: "I think the victory over Napari will bring me much closer to the title fight."
GL: Weve been talking about you stepping it up and taking one giant step towards a title shot for a while now and it's yet to happen. Why is that?
AD: "I think everything has its time and what belongs to me I will get in due time.  The goal is the heavyweight world title."
GL: What do you have to do to make sure you get the fights you've been looking for in 2020?
AD: "It is necessary to make a series of high-profile victories, and the Victory over Napari will become one of them In sha Allah."
GL: Other than victory do you have a prediction for this fight?
AD: "I rely only on victory and preferably ahead of schedule in true Kronk Gym fashion."
GL: Who do you like in Wilder-Fury II?
AD: "Both are good, but I prefer Fury.  He has a big advantage because he hired Sugar Hill."
GL: Closing thoughts for the fans?
AD: "I will certainly declare myself to the whole world, all victories and defeats from Allah, the rest I can only accept as befits a man.  February 21, I will try to please all my fans with an impressive statement making victory."

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