David Diaz hopes to finish Erik Morales off

By Julius Stecker


David Diaz hopes to finish Erik Morales off

BT: How is training going? You have been working with Kevin Cunningham, how has that been different? "It is going excellent. Every thing has been great.I have been down here for over 4 weeks, sparring with the Bay brothers out of Ohio. As far as working with Cunningham, it has been great. I have been working on using more combinations for this fight."

BT: Looking at Erik Morales, what sort of film study and preparation have you done to prepare for him?

DD: I know he likes to fight from the outside, and he is a taller fighter then me. So I have to put pressure on him.

BT: You have been fighting at junior welterweight and lightweight for the majority of your career. How do you think that will play into the fight?

DD: I hope it does play a role. I hope I can go in there and bully him around. I know the only lightweight fight he has been involved in was against Zahir Raheem, and Raheem was able to control him, so I am hoping to do the same thing.

BT: How has this whole experience been, being involved in the hype of a pay-per-view event?

DD: It has been great, when I went to Mexico a few weeks back. I was late for a press conference. But overall the people and media there treated me very well.

BT: Being the WBC lightweight champion affords you opportunities like this fight. But have you given any thought to a possible unification fight against any of the other Diaz’s (Juan or Julio)?

DD: My mind is totally set on this fight, and I am not thinking past it. If I am to be victorious then I would look forward to unifying the titles, but first things first and that is this fight.

BT: In closing what do you have to say to the David Diaz fans out there?

DD: I want to thank them very much for watching my fights over the years. They have always known what type of fighter I am. Thank you from the bottom my heart. And I look forward to putting on a great show on August 4th.