David Diaz eager to go to war with Pacquiao

By G. Leon


David Diaz eager to go to war with Pacquiao

GL: I spoke with Bob Arum the other day and he made it clear that Manny Pacquiao is going to be moving up to lightweight and you're the frontrunner to land the fight. Can you give us some thoughts on that? "Awesome. It's a great fight that the people will love. I think our styles compliment each other and it would be a terrific fight. I'm really happy that he would want to come up and challenge a figher like me."

GL: How do you feel a fight between you and Manny Pacquiao plays out?

David Diaz: "It would be a great all out war that would challenge any of the fights he had with Morales and Barrera. Our styles will compliment each other and it would be a great war."

GL: Has Top Rank approached you yet or is this the first that you're hearing of it?

DD: "This is the first I'm hearing of it. I heard rumors, that was all. Now that I've actually seen that article yesterday it made me happy. And I saw it on Boxingtalk."

GL: I'm glad you're reading. Do you think Pacquiao would be biting off more than he could chew by moving up to lightweight?

DD: "No. He's going to bring his power and his speed with him. He looked pretty good against Barrera and from what I'm hearing he weighed like 144 the night of the fight so he's going to come up pretty good."

GL: How will you counter his pressure?

DD: "By giving him pressure. That's the only way I know how to fight man. I guess we're going to have to meet in the middle of the ring and see which one backs off."

GL: If that's the kind of fight it's going to be, is there any way you see it going the distance?

DD: "Probably not. I feel I could take a pretty good punch and he could take a pretty good punch. It's all about doing that homework and trying to be in better condition than he is. That's what the key to that fight will be."

GL: Are there any weaknesses you see in Pacquiao that you would exploit should the fight come to fruition?

DD: "Pusing him back and getting him on his heels. I don't think he could fight going backwards, so my thing would be always going forward."

GL: Frankly, the fight that boxing fans want to see Pacquiao in most, if you took a poll I think most people would want to see him in the rematch with Marquez since that first fight ended in a draw. Do you think boxing fans should look forward to a fight between you and Pacquiao as much as the rematch with Marquez?

DD: "Yes. I think they should look forward to it because it would be an exciting fight. It's not going to be an easy fight for me or Manny and they're going to get the kind of fights he gave with Morales, I would work my hardest to make sure it ended like the first one."

GL: That's what it is. Until something is formally brought to your attention let's keep it short and sweet. Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DD: "First I want to say thank you to Pacquaio for wanting to come up to lightweight and challenge me for the title. I want to let all of the fans know I would not disappoint them so they should keep the faith in me."


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