Darchinyan-Gabi weigh-in quotes!


Darchinyan-Gabi weigh-in quotes!

One night before SHOWTIME will offer the eagerly anticipated Jeff Lacy-Joe Calzaghe showdown for the undisputed super middleweight championship, America’s No. 1 Boxing Network will continue to commemorate its 20th anniversary of televising world-class match-ups with an excellent world title fight Friday, March 3, on “ShoBox: The New Generation.’’


The International Boxing Federation (IBF)/International Boxing Organization (IBO) flyweight title bout between undefeated champion Vic Darchinyan and IBF No. 3/World Boxing Council (WBC) No. 2 contender Diosdado Gabi (11 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME, delayed on the west coast) has all the ingredients of being exciting, explosive and compelling. In the “ShoBox’’ co-feature from Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, Calif., unbeaten Anthony Mora will face Rustam Nugaev in a 10-round junior welterweight bout. The doubleheader will be promoted by Gary Shaw Productions, LLC.



            “Nobody can beat me.  Nobody can run away from me for 12 rounds.  I am fit.  I am strong.”


            “I promise to finish the fight early.  Tell me when you want it to end, and I will do it.”


            “We have been working on the right hand.  Hopefully, I will start to use it in this fight.”


            “There are no big differences fighting against a southpaw.  I fought against southpaws during training.  I also fought a lot of them during the amateurs.  Two out of my last three opponents have been left handed.”


            “When I go into the ring, I am a different person.  I cannot see anyone other than my opponent.”


            “I have always been a hard hitter.  It is a God-given talent, but I train hard.  I do about 1,000 push ups per day.  I am a power puncher, but I can box as well as power punch.”


            “Irene Pacheco was the only fighter who backed me up and stayed with me for the whole fight.”


DIOSDADO GABI (26-2-1, 19 KOs)

“This fight will be the most important night of my life.  I want to win to make my country proud. I send money home regularly, so winning will help my wife and family back in the Philippines.”


“I think Darchinyan is looking past me, but I do not care.  I am going in there to take his title.  This will be a classic boxer against puncher match-up.”


“I have a dangerous uppercut and plan to use it.  I will use the angle to create new openings.  I am a good counter puncher and strong defensive fighter.


ANTHONY MORA (15-0, 10 KOs)

            “I will fight my older brother (Adrian) if the money is right.” (Note: Adrian Mora defeated Steve Quinonez July 1, 2004, on “ShoBox.”)


“I like to come forward, snap my punches, dictate the pace and show my opponents who the boss is right away.”


            “Last year, I had trouble getting people to fight me.  They would look at the tapes of me fighting and would drop out. I was forced to fight guys with weaker records so I could stay active.”


            “I will fight anyone, anywhere.  I am hungry to get recognized.  I turned 29 years old on Feb. 19.  I have to get going.  I have skills.  I have heart.”


            “I can figure out any fighter in the first minute of the first round of any fight.  Boxing is like a chess match.”



            “This fight will give me more exposure because it is on SHOWTIME.”


            “There are stronger opponents here in the United States than in Russia.  We also have more time to prepare for fights.”


            “My four losses were because I took the fights on short notice.  In Russia, if you do not take a fight, promoters say you will not fight for two years.  Generally, fighters make $100 there.”


            “I am a boxer-puncher.  My style depends on the opponent.  I fight some guys on the inside, while others I take on the outside.”