Daniel Judah returns February 2 in South Africa

By Brad Cooney


Daniel Judah returns February 2 in South Africa

Cruiserweight brawler Daniel Judah looks to return to the ring on February 2nd, in South Africa.  No opponent has been named as of yet, but Judah is eagerly looking to get back into the swing of things.  Judah has recovered from successful shoulder surgery, and looks to put his career back into motion.  Judah also informs Boxingtalk that he is a free agent, and is ready to listen to all offers from any promoters out there who may be interested.


BT – Daniel, it's been a minute since we had you on Boxingtalk, what's the latest?

DJ –  Right now I completed physical therapy for the shoulder, and right now I am back in the gym.  The shoulder is 95 percent right now, and the 5 percent I'm lacking will be there as I prepare for this upcoming fight.

BT – Do you have a date set for this fight?

DJ – The fight is supposed to be in South Africa, and it's set for February 2nd.  Art Pelullo is promoting the fight.

BT – Do you have a deal with Art Pelullo, or is this just a one fight deal?

DJ – For right now this is just a one time deal.

BT: That puts a little more emphasis on you to look good, and impress him, maybe that will work into a deal for you.

DJ – Most definitely, I have to look good, and look good winning.  Maybe after the fight is over with, Art and I can sit down and talk.

BT – Do you have an opponent set for this fight as of yet?

DJ – Right now we don't have a clue who the opponent is, but right now this isn't a comeback fight.  This is a fight to put me right up there next to a title shot.  I would love to fight Darnell Wilson again.  They have me down as a loss last time I fought him, but anyone who saw that fight knows that I hurt my shoulder, it popped out, and it stayed out for 10 minutes.  If you ask Darnell how he beat me, he will tell you that he really didn't beat me.  I think that it would be a good fight between me and Darnell.  The problem is that he's signed with Duva, and they don't want a fight with me.

BT – So after your fight in Africa, you want someone like a  Darnell Wilson right away?

DJ – Yes, definitely Brad.  I am telling you man, he didn't really beat me.  It would be a great fight for both of us.  It's the fact that I have to get over the hump to get into the top ten, and that means fighting top guys.  Darnell is an excellent fighter, but when Daniel Judah comes to fight, and he's prepared and healthy, you better get ready.

BT – You're basically saying that without the injury to your shoulder, the outcome would have clearly been different.

DJ – Exactly, and I don't know why the NYAC didn't call it a no contest.  I guess they wanted to make him look bigger, they wanted a super star so bad, so they pushed it for him to get the fight.  I tried to tell my handlers, my father and my co manager John Arthur to stay on top of things with that situation, they were supposed to stay on top of things.  You can't depend on other people to do things sometimes.  I learned that when you have a set back, and or get injured, and you think you got people sticking their neck out there for you, they are not.  I mean my dad and John are doing a Hell of a job, but with the Darnell Wilson situation, they didn't stay on top of that for me.  I told my father and my manager to stay on top of it, because we could have fought that decision, it could have been turned from a loss to a no contest.

BT – Right now you're a free agent, are you open to listen to promoters offers at this time?

DJ – Yes I am, I am not signed with anyone right now.  I can't say that Daniel Judah is with his  father, everybody thinks that he manages me.  My dad trains me, he's a dad first and he trains me.  I don't have a promotional deal, I would like to have a promotional deal.  People are intimidated by my father, I have the Judah name, so people think that we all are on lock down with my dad.  If someone comes to me with a good deal, I am open to do business with anybody.  I say what goes with my career, my dad will give me advice, but I have the final say. 

BT – How busy do you want to stay in 2008?

DJ – I want to fight at least 4 times in 2008.  I would love to have two big fights in 2008.

BT – When you look at the cruiserweight division right now, where do you see yourself compared to the rest of the field?

DJ – I have come a long way Brad, I can fight any of the top guys.  David Haye, Mormeck, Cunningham.  I think Mormeck is strong, and you better not slug it out with him.  I think the guy rising up in the division is me.  There was something to do with me and Matt Godfrey fighting, but for some reason that fight didn't go down.  I think this division is boring, I think it needs someone like me to shake it up, and put some excitement into the division.  Just like when Holyfield and Michael Moore was there.

BT – You fought Glen Johnson to a draw, any thoughts on moving to Light Heavy?

DJ – Glen is a Light Heavyweight, and I am not going back to that division for nothing.  God blessed me to be big and tall, and I feel much stronger at cruiserweight.  Glen Johnson is a beast, but he's a beast at light heavyweight.  My performance was lousy when I fought him, and that decision could have went either way.  It turned out to be a draw.

BT – So if a promoter calls, who do they contact?

DJ – Well I would also love if a big manager who has their foot in the game would call me. I need a good manager to help John Arthur.  Someone like Al Haymon would be great, I would love to work with him.  They can call me or my father, or email you and you can hook them up with my number.

BT – Do you have any closing thoughts for the fans?

DJ – 2008 will be my year.  I want to thank all of my fans out there for supporting me.  Keep me in your prayers, and good things will happen. 


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