Curtis Stevens Responds to Ayala

By "OnFire" Aguirre


Curtis Stevens Responds to Ayala

Boxingtalk caught up with undefeated Super Middleweight Curtis "Showtime" Stevens (7-0, 6 KO's) who took time out from training to respond to Elvin Ayala (12-0, 5 KO's) who put out a press release calling him out. Though Stevens had some choice words for Ayala none where quoted from any rap album this time. You defenitely don't want to miss what "Showtime" Had to say.

Curtis Stevens: "Tell (Elvin) Ayala if he wants to be another person to get hit with this dangerous left hook tell him to holla at me. He knows where to see me at the Manhattan Center anytime. Tell him I will f*** him up. Do not play with me. I haven't fought anybody! Doesn't matter. Who's there? If I fight somebody big he's going to get teh same thing done as to othetr people that I didn't fight. Nobody wants to step up. That isn't my fault who I am. If he thinks he's somebody tell him to fight me. He thinks he's somebody come get his a** knocked out."

"He fought Ray Darden and went all six rounds. I knocked Ray darden out in the second round. And I fought a week before that. Tell him to be for real. This is what I do. He takes this as a game I take this as a for real. This is my livelihood."

"Tell him it's not going the distance. He's going to get his a** knocked out. Don't come trying to box. If you want to talk s*** come fight. Stand in the center of the ring with me. Head to head, toe to toe."

"Lets see. He knows who I am and I don't know who he is. Somebody that I heard had an impressive record. That's from Connecticut or wherever the f*** he's from. Holla at me my man. Whenever he wants to do it. As a matter of fact come down to my fight on Aug 4. Tell him to take a ringside seat and I'm going to show him how I'm going to do Jason Quick. I'm going to do even worst to him. Jason Qucik caleld me out and I'm going to show you what I do to people that call me out. Where I'm from like I told you before, you call someone out, they lose the f***inghead off their shoulders. I'm calling him out. Tell him to holla at me Fire. Holla at me. If you really want to do this we could do this. Wherever, whenever."

"Lets go before the summer is over. Lets do this at the end of August. Lets do this. Lets do it at the end of August. We don't have to wait until Sept, Nov or Dec. Tell him to get this ass whipping now. Let me fuck up his career now. I want to have another win. I want to do it outside. We could do it in my hometown. We could take it over there on the beach. matter of fact we could do it in Coney Island on the beach. Give him my number tell him to call me."


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