Curtis "Showtime" Stevens Ready to Check Some Chins

By Darren Nichols


Curtis "Showtime" Stevens Ready to Check Some Chins

"I don’t care who I fight, I just don’t want anyone running."

After being rocked by Thomas Reid in the second round of their fight last month, Curtis “Showtime” Stevens came back to stop his opponent six rounds later to prove that he can take it as well as he dishes it out.  Now, with a possible mid-May bout on the horizon, Stevens in back in the gym preparing for any opponent they put in his way.  Boxingtalk spoke with Stevens recently to get his thoughts about his next fight, how he felt his fight with Reid has made him a better fighter, and why names like Peter Manfredo,Jeff Lacy, and IBF middleweight champion Arthur Abraham are on his hit list.

Boxingtalk: Curtis, what have you been up to since your fight with Thomas Reid last month?

Curtis Stevens:  I’ve just been relaxing.  I’ve recently got back in the gym after my eye was messed up.

BT:  Give us your overall thoughts of your performance in your eighth round stoppage over Reid.

Curtis Stevens:  I thought I did great, but I could have done better.  I was a little bit lackadaisical in my last fight.  I had a lot of ring rust coming in, and I got caught with an excellent shot in the 2nd round, but I came back to knock him out.

BT:  When can we expect to see you in the ring next?

Curtis Stevens:  Probably in the middle of May.

BT:  Do you have a potential future opponent lined up yet?

Curtis Stevens:  I don’t care who I fight, I just don’t want anyone running.  I’d like to fight Peter Manfredo.  I think Jeff Lacy would be an excellent fight.  I want to just get in there and fight.  I’d also like to fight Arthur Abraham.

BT:  With most of your knockout victories coming before the second round comes to an end, do you feel that your power will be the deciding factor in your next fight?

Curtis Stevens:  I think my power and speed overall is above satisfactory.  I had a lot of ring rust coming back, but I feel better, and now and I want to keep fighting.

BT:  After your impressive win last month, what do you feel is your biggest advantage that you have over your next opponent?

Curtis Stevens:  I’m hungry like I when I first started fighting.  I have only fought once this year, and I want to keep going.

BT:  What should fans expect from you when they see you in the ring next?

Curtis Stevens:  The old Curtis “Showtime” Stevens.  They’ll see me check in and check out.  I thought I’d do the same with Reid but my balance wasn’t here.  I felt the ring rust all over me, but when I caught with that shot in the second round, the ring rust I had fell off and I quickly woke up.

BT:  Any closing thoughts?

Curtis Stevens:  Curtis Stevens is back.  No more losses.  You’ll see me chin checking, check in, and check out.


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