Cunningham fires back at Purlette!

By G. Leon


Cunningham fires back at Purlette!

GL: What would you like to say in response to Andre Purlette's recent interview on Boxingtalk? "I don't know where to begin with this guy. It's pretty wild. We were in the Don King training camp in December and we were looking for sparring. His trainer was all happy and overexcited, all on the sack. He said nobody world class wanted to spar with Andre. I told him I'm willing to fight anyone so I'm willing to spar anyone. I wanted to spar him just to let him know when he gets that call he's going to get his butt kicked. I love to spar with different styles, but what he's saying is bogus. We sparred this guy for about six days and every day I was in his butt. I don't like bragging like that but this guy didn't win a round. It was a total boxing lesson and I put some thunder on him too. I was turning the heat up on him during each session. Everyone who knows me knows I don't run from any fight, whether it's in the gym or under the lights."

It was really shocking to see him say that since his trainer was really loving me. Richie Giachetti paid the guy for the work. We were thinking about using him for some work for the O'Neil Bell fight. Then the next thing we know, he calls Don King saying he wants to fight me. How is he just going to want to fight me out of the blue? He better get himself ranked somewhere if he wants to fight a number one contender. It's pretty wild because when I was putting it on him Aaron Snowell was there, Larry Donald was there, Richie was there, my wife was there so I guess this is just a ploy for a guy who hasn't fought in a while and is trying to make himself a name by calling my name out."

GL: What's the status of your next fight?

Steve Cunningham: "We've been disappointed and frustrated with what happened, but we just look at everything in a positive sense. We've been praying and we've been getting ready. Don is trying to work on getting us on the Cory Spinks undercard. Richie is going to sit down with Don this week to see what's really going on. I'm staying sharp and they're never going to catch me slipping. This is my job and I take it seriously. Guys like Andre Purlette need to fight somebody in the top 20 before he starts calling out the top guys."

GL: Are you disappointed the fight with Bell doesn't appear to be in the cards for anytime soon?

SC: "Truthfully, yeah man. Me and him have a lot of history. We used to spar each other a lot and we have two different styles, which always makes for a great fight. I was disappointed when he first pulled out and I'm disappointed now but I can't dwell on him or what he's going to do, I need to get on with my career. Don has a plan for me and I'm on the ship that he's driving."

GL: So Guillermo Jones will still be your opponent?

SC: "Yeah. It's going to be me and him. No matter where you go we're the top two guys so it's definitely going to be me and him."

GL: Would you say your first fight with Jones was your toughest fight as a pro?

SC: "Nah. By far no. I just had some complications that night and I didn't perform at 100%. God showed me that night that I could pull out a decision over a guy like Guillermo in the condition I was in really boosted my confidence and helped me grow."

GL: What kind of complications were you going through at that point in time?

SC: "I wasn't hydrated properly and by the third round I was winded and my body wasn't reacting right. I wasn't throwing combo's in that fight and I felt like I was in slow motion. My whole thing that night was, if he gives me one, I'm going to give him two or three. I made it an ugly fight but I pulled it out. This time I'm going to be properly hyrdrated and things will be easier for me. I'm not trying to take anything away from Guillermo because he's an awesome fight and he's been proving what he can do before he fought me and after he fought me."

GL: Stylistically is Jones a tougher fight than O'Neil Bell?

SC: "I can't really say that because I haven't fought Bell in anything other than sparring. I believe I can beat any man put in front of me but both of those fights are tough."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

SC: "I'm staying positive, I'm in the gym and I will be the cruiserweight champion of the world. I want to thank all the fans for their support."


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