Cunningham Speaks On Trinidad Vs. Spinks!

By G. Leon (Review Of Oct. 6 Interview)


Cunningham Speaks On Trinidad Vs. Spinks!

GL: What did you think about my recent interview with Papa Trinidad? "You spoke to Cory and you know that's the fight we want more than anything right now. Unlike many other fighters Don King helps out, we're here and we're going to continue to stick by his side. Trinidad likes the fight, and we would love for Don King to make this fight and give us the kind of opportunity we deserve. We feel very confident that he's going to be able to get it done for us."

"I think Cory has earned the right to fight a great fighter like Tito Trinidad. Everybody knows that I have a good working relationship with Don King. We've worked with Don on whatever he wants to do, and this is the opportunity that I think Cory has earned. He's deserved the right, he's credible and I think it would be a great fight for boxing."

GL: Now that you know this option is out there when do you plan on speaking with Don King about making it happen?

Kevin Cunningham: "I'll be trying to reach out to Don within the next few days. He just had a big show so I'm giving him some time, but I'm going to be talking to him really soon to see what can be done about this situation."

GL: Would the Trinidad fight still top your list even if meant you had to lose one of your welterweight championships?

KC: "Most definitely. If we get the opportunity to fight a great fighter, a boxing icon like Felix Trinidad, that's what we're doing. We're here to make the biggest fights out there and we have a proven track record of doing so. Anything less than Trinidad would be taking a step backwards for us.

"I read what Papa Trinidad said and I respect that because Cory Spinks is a fight that wouldn't be defrauding the public. We define the word credible and we beat the guy he just fought. We really don't consider Trinidad a true middleweight, he's doing the same thing we would be doing, going from welterweight to middleweight. We don't see going up to middleweight and challenging Trinidad as a problem.

GL: Are you concerned that Trinidad is a devastating puncher at a higher weight than you're used to? Is this move too dangerous?

KC: "I would sound like a fool if I said I wasn't concerned about his power. Trinidad is a devastating puncher and we're fully aware of that. Outside of Pernell Whitaker I don't think Tito has ever faced a slick boxer like Cory Spinks.

GL: Would Cory slow down with the extra weight?

KC: You'd see a lot of quickness and you'd see a lot of excellent boxing because he wouldn't have to lose the weight to make welterweight. Cory isn't making welterweight like he used to make it three of four years ago. I think Cory would have a lot more energy and his bag of tricks would be a lot bigger at that weight.

GL: Are you looking to get the ball rolling with this fight?

KC: "Definitely! And we'd love to see this happen sometime in February or March!"



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