Cunningham: "I had no problem with the ref stopping it"


Cunningham: "I had no problem with the ref stopping it"

'Arch Rivals' Ring Quotes


Zab Judah: "Hunger and determination was the difference in this fight.  I begged and prayed for a second chance after the first fight.  I took a big risk moving up in weight from 140 pounds and it was my first fight at 147 pounds.

"He did exactly what I thought he'd do  He was running from my left hand, which made him pull back and let me take him to the body."

Where did Cory make his mistake?  "When he signed the contracts."

Are you open to a re-match?  "I'm open to anything, I'll do whatever Don King wants me to do."

Cory Spinks:  "Oh yeah, I want to fight him again.  I gave him a chance.  I hope he gives me a chance next time around. 

"I give him credit, he caught me with a good shot.  I was a little groggy but I wanted to go on. 

"I am very disappointed.  I let a lot of people down.  But I have to keep my head up and take it like a man." 

Kevin Cunningham: "I had no problem with the referee stopping the fight, I was going up the steps anyway to stop it myself.  This was just not Cory's night."   

Monte Barrett TKO9 Owen Beck Post Fight Quotes

MONTE BARRETT:   "I am surprised he stayed up as long as he did.  He did not have the experience that I did and I felt he was starting to wear down.  I knew he could not keep up the pace.

"Beck is an excellent fighter but he is not in my league.  Seven and a half years in this game and I have had to work for everything.  I am a warrior, this was a great fight. 

"The cut did not bother me.  There was no way I was going to let it stop me.  Beck has a hard head.

"I am willing to fight any of the world champions.  Beck gave me a lot of motivation by talking so much.  He motivated me to get in better shape than I was.  He surprised me but never hurt me."

OWEN BECK:   "I felt great tonight.  I didn't keep my hands up and I went down.

"Monte came to win.  Honestly, I didn't think he was looking for a knockout, but I made a big mistake and paid for it.

"I couldn't believe the referee stopped the fight.  I wanted to continue. I am going to come back and next time it's going to be different.  I just got ahead of myself."


DEVON ALEXANDER:  "I did not really feel any pressure fighting in front of all these people in my hometown.  I am a tad disappointed with my performance." 

"No excuses, but truth is, I had to pace myself a little and I was trying to get some air.  This was my first six-round fight and I got a little tired in the fifth and sixth rounds."

"But I learned a lot in there.  He was a strong guy and seemed way bigger than I was.  But everything is cool.  I know you cannot knock out everybody.  Down the line, I know going six rounds will be a good thing for me."