Cory Spinks to Ouma: "If you want to fight, have your pencils and notebooks ready for this boxing lesson!"

By G. Leon


Cory Spinks to Ouma: "If you want to fight, have your pencils and notebooks ready for this boxing lesson!"

GL: Can you give us some thoughts on your victory over Rodney Jones? "I just went out and did what I needed to do. We got this mandatory out the way. Rodney is a tough veteran and I basically did what I needed to do and satisfied the IBF by making my mandatory and now I'm really to move on to some serious business."

GL: When can we expect to see you back in the ring?

Cory Spinks: "I'm looking to get back in there in May or June, but I'd fight as soon as April if they give me a date with a marquee opponent."

GL: There's been some buzz about Tito possibly coming back. Your manager tells us that Team Spinks is already on board with Don King, it's just a matter of the Trinidad's being on board?

CS: "Well, if he decides to come out of retirement, I would love to fight one of the greatest fighters of my era, but it remains to be seen if he's coming out of retirement. I can't sit around and wait on Tito, I've got to move on to whatever else is concerned a great fight. I'm ready to take on the best out there, the question is are these guys ready to fight?"

GL: I recently spoke to Kassim Ouma and he once again expressed interest in fighting for your title, which he still views as his title. In the past you said you'd box his socks off and take him to school, is that still the case? And how much more realistic is that fight than some of the other fights that interest you?

CS: "Definitely. I think Kassim is one of the best fighters out there, he just put on a great performance with Jermain Taylor. It was obvious that Jermain was just too big, but he put on a great show and we all know that I beat the guy who beat him up. I would love to give him a shot because he's probably the only top fighter out there with the balls to step in the ring with me. I want you to pass this message to Kassim, get your pencils and notebook ready because class will be in session if he wants to fight me for my title."

GL: If the Ouma fight could be made would you want to make it ASAP or wait to see how some other situations unfold?

CS: "If Kassim wants to fight and his people are serious, I'd make the fight tonight."

GL: Do you think fight fans will find this fight interesting and do you think it needs to take place in St. Louis to maximize its potential?

CS: "I think it would be a great fight with Kassim applying all of the pressure that he applies. He'll be throwing his 100 punches per round and I'm one of the best boxers in the game so it's an interesting match-up of styles. I'd love to make the fight, you know me, I sign contracts to make fights, I'm not like them so called pound for pound punks."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say to your fans in closing?

CS: "I want to thank Boxingtalk and thank all of my fans for their support, I will continue to rule at 154. Boxingtalk is the pound for pound champion of internet websites and that's why I'm glad to be on the BoxingTalk team."


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