Corrales vs. Castillo II Fighter Quotes From Open Workouts


Corrales vs. Castillo II Fighter Quotes From Open Workouts

Diego Corrales, WBC/WBO Lightweight Champion
(40-2, 33 KO’s)
Sacramento, Calif.

  • I have to think about what Castillo’s going to change and how he’s going to alter his style. I was the better fighter on the inside than Castillo was.
  • My mental toughness is my advantage.  I will go out there and do exactly what I said I would do.
  • When I get in the ring I’m an animal, no matter what you do you can’t get me off you and at some point you will have to fight my fight.
  • Win or lose the world now knows they have a fighter who will fight tooth and nail. 
  • I’m prepared, I’m already there. It’s a mental thing and in my mind I always knew we’d fight again.
  • I have stepped up my training these last few months.  I want to be stronger and better.  I’ve done more reps, stayed longer and worked harder in the gym than ever before.  When Joe (Goossen, trainer) and everyone were happy with my workouts, I wasn’t.  So I really pushed myself.
  • Fans can expect to see the same thing as last time me Castillo met.   Everyone knows that they have a true warrior in me and I’m going to leave it all in the ring.
  • I don’t care what I have to do, I am keeping these belts.  I don’t know what he can do, but I’m leaving Las Vegas with both of these belts.
  • As far as my strategy, I’d be dumb to change anything.  In the first fight I was bigger, stronger and faster on the inside.  So I’d be dumb to change anything now.
Jose Luis Castillo, former World Lightweight Champion
(52-7-1, 46 KO’s)
Empalme, Mexico

  • The second fight will be magnificent; I’m ready to go to battle.
  • I’m fine with the stoppage; I don’t think it was a bad call.   I only had an issue with the mouthpiece and all the time that was given to Corrales to recover.  It never should have gotten to the point of the knockout.
  • I have made no change in strategy for this rematch and I hope the Corrales camp keep’s their strategy the same as well.  I hope Corrales doesn’t change his strategy because I’m ready for that kind of fight.  I hope this will be another great fight like the first one.
  • People kept telling me how strong Corrales was but you need too keep in mind that I went 9 rounds with him and took him down twice.  I can take him.
  • For the first fight I didn’t have time to train, I was just coming off a fight in March.  This time I had more time to train and trained hard.  You’ll see me in good form.
  • I rested for three months after the last fight.  I think it was sufficient rest.  Then I went into a two month training camp.
Julio Chavz Jr.
(21-0, 16 KO’s)
Culiacan, Mexico

I am taking it slow, but doing better every fight. Every fight is getting better for me and you’ll see great things from me as I progress.

Q:  Do you feel the pressure of fighting for the family name?

Yes I feel pressure but it also opens a lot of doors for me.

Q: How long before you have a chance to fight for a championship?

One to two years for a real chance at a title.

Q:  Are you ready to step up and fight real competition?

Yes I am ready for anything that comes up. I hope they step it up for me.

Q: How does it feel to have support from so many fans?

It is a great motivation to have the fans behind me. When the people come out to see me fight, I know I have to do well.

Q:  Are you concerned that you received your opponent this late?

(Jeremy Stiers, 9-4, 6 Kos; from Gardener, KS)  I am not bothered by it. That’s the way this business is when you’re starting out.  I prepare myself to face anything in the ring.  We’ll look at some video this week and I’ll be ready.

Jorge Arce
(40-3-1, 30 KO’s)
Los Mochis, Mexico

Q: You faced Hussein Hussein before. What changes will you make for this fight?

This fight is going to be quicker.  I will be done with him in six rounds.

I am the best pound for pound fighter out there, nobody beats me.  I beat all the flyweights out there.  There are super flyweights that better be ready because I am coming up there to knock their heads off.

Q:  How do you like fighting in your hometown of Las Vegas?

I like to fight in Vegas.  There are a lot of people, there’s a lot of money.  I love the casinos.  I love Las Vegas.