Corrales: "Don't blink once that bell rings!"

By G. Leon


Corrales: "Don't blink once that bell rings!"

GL: How has this training camp compared to your previous three fights? "Well, it's been a much longer camp for starters. But it's a damn great camp. I've never felt better or stronger than I've ever been in before. And I didn't know how we could get into even better shape than we were for the Freitas fight, but we have and I'm really excited about Saturday night."

GL: Some people feel Castillo will be much sharper than you since he's been active while you've been sitting. Others feel he'll be more battle worn and you'll be much fresher than he is. What are your thoughts on that?

Diego Corrales: "I think it's a little bit of both. I know some people aren't expecting me to be as sharp because I've been off for so long. But I feel so well rested that I feel bad for Castillo. I mean, twelve rounds with Casamayor and ten rounds with Diaz and neither one of those was an easy fight for him. Even though he walked through Diaz he took some solid shots and had to go ten rounds. He's had some tough fights, back to back to back. Me, I'm just coming to do our job and after Saturday night people are going to understand what that means."

GL: Both you and Castillo have been hittable over the course of your career's. With that being said will this come down to, who catches the best and who has the better chin?

DC: "Naw, this fight is going to come down to who wants it more and who imposes their ability better. Will my combination punching and sharper shots be the difference when Castillo tries to fight rough on the inside? That's what it's going to come down to, who's going to impose their will."

GL: In your last few fights you've shown your capable of brawling and boxing. On Saturday night will we see the boxer who decisioned Casamayor or the stalking brawler that stopped Freitas?

DC: "You know I can't answer that G, you're going to have to wait till Saturday like everyone else. But I'll tell you what, one thing you've seen me do in my last few fights is beat them at their own game. With that being said, we'll wait till May 7 to see what happens."

GL: Is this your career defining fight?

DC: "For me every fight is career defining. Thetwo fights with Cass and my last fight with Freitas were all career defining fights. Every fight I'm taking is a big risk and a big gamble so every fight is career defining."

GL: What do you need to do to acquire the million dollar payday you probably already deserve?

DC: "I'm not sure, because that's something that's been eluding me my entire career. You can't find a guy who fights harder than I do and brings excitement, so I feel I deserve it and after Saturday night, I'll be considering myself a million dollar fighter."

GL: I know you're solely focused on Castillo, but I gotta ask the question. Should you win this fight will you move up to 140 and try to make some big fights with Mayweather, Gatti, Tszyu or Cotto.

DC: "It's tough for me to answer that now because I haven't done anything but focus on Castillo for so long. We talk so much that I'm sure the night of the fight or the day after we'll be talking about my future plans."

GL: Will this fight go the distance?

DC: "I don't know, but if does we're going to be hurting because we're going to have put some kind of business on each other. But come Saturday night, you're going to see me at my very best."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

DC: Don't miss this fight, have your popcorn ready when it starts because once that bell rings you don't want to blink!"


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