Corrales-Castillo: Guts, Glory and Then Some!

By Mike Samuels


Corrales-Castillo: Guts, Glory and Then Some!

If you’re looking for controversy in this article I can promise you none.  Diego Corrales was the victor in Saturday’s war against Jose Luis Castillo no matter how much Bob Arum tries to create some controversy by telling the media, as well as fight fans, that his fighter was once again robbed in a big fight. Arum is much the same with every loss his stable of fighters go through.

Boxing has become fit with controversial rulings and constant questioning from promoters after big fights.  The twists and turns along with the ups and downs in boxing are what make it one of the most unique sports in history and every die hard fight fan won’t hesitate to agree with that.

Forget about the drama that came center stage during the knock downs of Corrales in which the lightweight champion lost - or spit, depending who you ask - his mouthpiece  to get a breather before coming back to knock Castillo out.

Forget the petty arguments against referee Tony Weeks during his stoppage of Jose Luis Castillo in the tenth round.

The war between both prideful warriors was too good to be overshadowed by weak arguments of this and that.  You win some. You lose some. But losing is something all fighters believe can’t and won’t happen to them, especially when they are giving their all on the sports biggest stage in the biggest fight of their lives. 

Jose Luis Castillo brought guts to the ring and traded heavy shots with Corrales for 10 straight rounds. He refused to back up and wouldn’t let the power of Corrales to put him on his back. Instead he forced Tony Weeks to do the right thing and stop the fight.

No Guts, No Glory is more than just a cliche’.  Castillo showed guts in refusing to go down. Corrales showed heart by getting up from the canvas twice and continue throw bombs.  Corrales was the victor, but both men gave the entire sports world, not just boxing fans, one for the ages.

One hell of a fight. Both fighters left it all in the ring and going on to call this the fight of the year for 2005 is a risk-free guarantee.