Corrales, Casamayor conference call quotes!


Corrales, Casamayor conference call quotes!

Two boxers with a genuine disdain for each other will duke it out with bad intentions for a third time when Diego “Chico” Corrales defends his World Boxing Council (WBC) and RING lightweight titles against former world champion and longtime adversary, southpaw Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor, on Saturday, Oct. 7, during a Free Preview Weekend on SHOWTIME.


In the co-featured bout of a world championship doubleheader that begins at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the west coast) from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, Nev., rising superstar Vic “The Raging Bull” Darchinyan (26-0, 21 KOs) will risk his International Boxing Federation/International Boxing Organization (IBF/IBO) flyweight crowns and his undefeated record against world-ranked Glenn “The Filipino Bomber” Donaire (16-2-1, nine KOs).


Corrales:        We had a great camp.  I’m looking forward to going to Las Vegas and going to war.  I have had a nice long break.  The year off has done my body very well. I have had a rough go at it the last few years, especially with (Jose Luis) Castillo.  My body feels great and I am looking forward to closing the book on this chapter with Casamayor.


Casamayor:    I feel strong. I am just waiting for the bell to ring Oct. 7.  On Oct. 7, we are going to war.


Question:        Diego, you are going into this fight with a nice long layoff.  How will it help?


Corrales:        I have had a few camps in between.  But, the layoff has given my body a chance to heal. I feel great.


Question:        Casamayor has let his feelings known about you. What do you think?


Corrales:        He (Casamayor) doesn’t have to like me.  We are going to fight. 


Question:        You go in to put on a show and sometimes sacrifice some of your natural skills to do so.  What is your approach going in to this fight?


Corrales:        I am going to do my job and I don’t care how the ‘W’ comes.  I don’t care if it’s in one round, two rounds or 12 rounds.


Question:        What lessons did you draw from the two Castillo fights?


Corrales:        I learned to sit back, play it smart and take my time. Let mistakes come to me. That is one thing I didn’t do. I expect a different game plan from him, and I will have to adjust as well. He is going to make alterations to his game plan. That will make me do the same to mine.


Casamayor:    I learned that this guy (Corrales) comes one direction: forward. He is a one-dimensional fighter. I can beat him any way. I feel like I won both fights.  I know him like my own son.


Question:        Joel, most of the blemishes on your record seem to be controversial or close decisions.  Have you changed anything to avoid that?


Casamayor:    I don’t see this fight going the distance.  We’re going to war and Corrales won’t see the 12th round. We come to fight.  The knockout will come.


Corrales:        I predict a great fight.


Question:        Diego, what do you think about Casamayor saying your chin is weak?


Corrales:        I don’t care.  He can say whatever he wants.  He is going to be in the ring and get a chance to prove it on Oct. 7.


Question:        Joel and Diego, where does the bad blood come from?


Casamayor:    Corrales talks a lot of garbage about me.  I am going to put the mouthpiece through his mouth again.  He loses every time he fights in October and he will again.  He talks a lot of trash about my family.  If he wants to fight on the street too, we can do that.


Corrales:        I never brought anybody’s family into this.  You guys can pump this kids head with lies and I will deflate them Oct. 7.


Question:        Diego, has the layoff helped you?


Corrales:        The layoff has been awesome.  It was a needed break.  I had camps in between to stay sharp.  I am happy, my body feels good. I will continue to put on great shows.  Oct. 7 will be the same thing.  I have one job Oct. 7, and it’s Joel Casamayor.


Question:        Joel, you already fought with Corrales twice.  What will you do this time?


Casamayor:    I will be more emotional in the ring than I am on the phone. I am not a boxer by phone. I am a boxer in the ring.


Question:        Diego, can you talk about how you were focused on Castillo and did not get the fight.  Are you still angry?  Will you fight him down the road?


Corrales:        I have moved forward. It’s done. All in all, it is what it is.  I can’t see me fighting him again.  He wasted a lot of my time, my work and my efforts.  What’s the point of fighting him again?


Question:        I saw you on television saying that Casamayor didn’t look good and you probably wouldn’t fight him.  What got us to this point?


Corrales:        Once the sparks flew on TV, the fight was going to have to happen.