Corley filming training camp for documentary!


Corley filming training camp for documentary!

Press Release: Demarcus “Chop Chop” Corley has a lot going for him. Currently, he’s the WBC’s #2 junior welterweight, training for a September bout for the vacant WBC title.  He’s also the subject of a personal documentary film.  Corley was at Grand Casino Coushatta for a boxing match exactly one week before Hurricane Rita hit the Louisiana/Mississippi area. While there, he met Paul Glasco — an owner of Lamp Studios, a local film studio. Glasco told Corley to give him a call because he was filming the fights on DVD. When he called, Corley found out that the area had been devastated by Rita.
“A week went by and I heard they were hit. I was calling to see how he was doing; it was a coincidence — they got a hit right after we left,” Corley said. And since Rita, the two have become close friends. 

“I was moved that a world class boxer would take the time to call someone he barely knew to check on them. We call each other every week or so,” Glasco said. In May, Glasco received a call from Corley saying that the WBC title was up for grabs. Glasco said that got him to thinking. “I had an idea to put together a documentary on what it takes for a world class to train and prepare for a world championship fight. I told him I wanted to show it all — training in the gym as well as what he does in his free time — the things we don’t ever get to see,” he said. Corley liked the idea. He said that he knew that this wasn’t going to be cheap, but they forged ahead anyway. In September, Corley, a former WBO titleholder, will travel to Scotland to try and redeem his world title. He will compete against Junior Witter, rated #1 by the WBC. Glasco will accompany him. 

Last week, Glasco traveled to Las Vegas — where Corley lives — to begin filming. At the time, Corley was spending time with two of his children — cooking breakfast for them. When asked if he felt as though he was on a reality show, he replied “No — everything I do in my life is real.”  Unlike the so-called reality shows, he said, there’s nothing prefabricated. “When I first heard, I was excited that he wanted to do a documentary, but I never thought my life was that interesting. But when we started going through (my life), we realized I had overcome a lot of obstacles,” Corley said.

One of them is that he was shot twice — in the spine. But focus is the key to success, Corley said. And staying focused in Las Vegas, “Sin City” can be difficult, Glasco said. “The casinos — there’s so much of an incredible distraction,” he said. Glasco and Corley are looking for additional funding. They’ve gotten in touch with many people, including Don King and Chris Lighty, who manages rappers 50 Cent, Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot. “Right now, we’re coming out of our pockets and it may take longer if we have to do it ourselves,” Corley said.

Glasco said that he intends to film the documentary in stages. While in Vegas, he has gotten footage of Corley’s training and preparations, which include sparring, running through mountains and going to the gym. 

Although Witter has homecourt advantage in the vacant title bout, Corley said that he is confident about the match. “I’m not nervous. I’m very excited — I can’t wait,” he said. As of now, the fight will not be broadcast in the United States. Corley and Glasco are both working to change that. “We’re going to try to get it out to the public and see if HBO can carry this fight. If not, nobody will be able to see it,” Corley said.

On Friday, Glasco claimed he had received a call from an HBO official who said he would pass it on to those in higher planning. Once the documentary is complete, Glasco said that Lamp Studios, along with Name Brand Studios (also located in Lake Charles), will edit the film together and hopefully distribute it. “Once we’re ready and comfortable, we’re going to put it in independent film festivals,” he said.

Glasco and Corley are trying to do something “No one else has seen or done.” Until then, Corley said he will just take it one day at a time.  “I am up against obstacles every day. You just never know what can happen; you just have to stay focused,” he said.