Contender Update: Wright too big for Eason

By Scott Shaffer


Contender Update: Wright too big for Eason

Walter Wright W5 Andre Eason... Boxing has weight classes for a reason, and when they get ignored, the results are predictable. Two weeks after The Contender debuted with junior middleweight Cornelius Bundrage beating lightweight Michael Clark, another junior middleweight beat up on a junior welterweight. Seattle's Walter Wright whitewashed Brooklyn's Andre Eason, winning all five rounds and putting Eason down hard in round two. Eason had no chance in this physical mismatch as Wright used his huge reach advantage to pound Eason at will from the outside. Eason showed tremendous heart and never stopped trying to get inside Wright's jab. Wright improves to 11-1 while Eason departs the reality show at 15-5. source: The Contender on ESPN

Gary Balletto W5 Aaron Torres... On episode three of The Contender's second season, Gary Balletto ended a two year, nine month hiatus from the ring with a split decision victory over Aaron Torres. As usual with The Contender, it is impossible to say whether the decision was just or not, as only selected highlights were aired, but it was clear Balletto slugged bravely despite being bloodied by Torres, whose punches looked to be more compact. In his first career, Balletto went 29-2-2 from 1996-2003 but stopped campaigning after a loss to ex-featherweight champ Goyo Vargas. Torres, a Philly fighter last seen getting stopped by Luis Alberto Santiago in 2004, drops to 14-3. 

Corneluis Bundrage W5 Michael Clark... On the two hour premiere of the Contender Season 2 on ESPN last night, Corneilus "K9" Bundrage won a majority decision over former lightweight champ Michael Clark. Bundrage dropped clark in the fifth and final round and based on the footage shown to viewers, it appeared that the knockdown was the difference in the fight.

Noberto Bravo W5 Rudy Cisneros... Norberto Bravo won a split decision over Rudy Cisneros. Based on the footage shown to viewers the bout was a toe-to-toe war that could have gone either way even though Cisneros had to lose 8-10 pounds in one day.