Cliff Couser has gloves, will fight

By G. Leon


Cliff Couser has gloves, will fight

"Barrett would get killed in a rematch, he's lucky he didn't die that night!"

GL: Your recent upset over Monte Barrett surprised quite a few people except yourself I'm sure. Can you give us some thoughts on your performance? "I respect all fighters, it's just that I was determined and hungry. I see a lot of the titles are overseas and we need a real American fighter to bring those titles back home and that's me."

GL: You suffered a couple of bad losses before the fight Barrett. Did that victory help you regain a lot of confidence?

Cliff Couser: "I lost those fights because I wanted to lose them that's why. But now I'm back and I'm just looking for my next opponent really."

GL: Why would anyone want to lose a fight?

CC: "There's a reason for everything."

GL: My job is to ask questions, reasons like what?

CC: "I had to find myself and get myself together."

GL: Does it have anything to do with you not preparing yourself properly physically or not focused mentally?

CC: "It was definitely not training and not being right mentally."

GL: When would you like to get back in the ring?

CC: "I want to fight as soon as possible.  I'm my own promoter so anybody who wants to fight me just has to send me the contract."

GL: Everybody wants to fight for the titles, but who do you think would be a realistic building block following your upset victory over Barrett?

CC: "Shannon Briggs, Sergei Liakhovich, Chris Byrd, any Russian. I just don't care. I'd like to fight that giant RUssian and retire him. I'll fight him in his hometown around his family and friends."

GL: Monte Barrett is viewing his loss to you as a fluke. He told me he'd beat you 99 times out of 100 fights and you just caught him with a lucky shot how do you feel about that?

CC: "If he wants a rematch I'll give him one. I would love to give him one. He's lucky he didn't die in that fight. He's very lucky he didn't die. Those stupid comments he was making, he's very lucky he didn't die because I could have killed him. If he wants a rematch I have no problem killing him because that's what would happen."


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