Clan Duddy's open letter regarding Macklin fight!


Clan Duddy's open letter regarding Macklin fight!

The following is an open letter from Team Duddy regarding a possible fight with Irish middleweight champ, Matthew Macklin...Let us begin by saying that John Duddy and his entire crew have great respect for the skill level of Matthew Macklin. We have seen a few of his efforts and he performed admirably. He certainly is a professional to be reckoned with.
Now let's discuss Mr. Macklin's desire to get it on with John. There's a few problem's with Matt's thought processes and facts. There's no problem with any fighter thinking that he'd get the best of John. That's the only thing that will provide him with the courage to get in the ring with an opponent who at any point in the fight can deposit his head in the third row. As far as Matt being a pro a little longer than John, there's no argument with the timeline -- whatever that does for him. Now for his quote, "mixing in better company". Hmmm. Let's look at the numbers.

Macklin's opponents' win percentage 36% -- typical of a building fighter. Duddy's opponents' win percentage 72%. Double that of Macklin! Maybe Matt has faced more dangerous opponents? The pugs that faced him KO'd 12% of their opponents -- Duddy's 43%. Over three times that of Matt!

Well, maybe John's next opponent doesn't meet the standards of Matt's opponent of last evening. Hmmm. Matt fought Anthony Ivory and put him away in two. Good job! What was his record going in? Oh yes. 5-2, 1! The seventh guy of 16 he's faced with a winning record.

John's opponent for next Friday is Bryon Mackie 25-11, 8, the former Canadian Middleweight Champ. Bryon KO'd his last three opponents and is the ninth fighter with a winning record to face John in 13 bouts -- two of four who did not, had even records. John Duddy has not gotten his reputation by fighting phantoms. He has fought real fighters with real records. The press has noted that.

Now let's discuss Matt's promoter, Brian Peters. He said that he's offered Duddy four times the amount that he's made in the past. Let's see...that would be $40,000 plus a nice percentage of the tickets he sells. An extraordinary offer for a fighter with 12 fights. Funny, we can't seem to remember that offer but OK, we'll take it! And we'll do it at the Mohegan Sun on St. Paddy's Day, March 17th.

Unfortunately, Irish Ropes has booked Madison Square Garden the night before and will feature John Duddy in the main event. Now either Matthew Macklin will be across the ring from him at a reasonable price or, if you'll pardon us for being late to the weigh-in -- we'll have fought the night before -- John will face Matt for the $40,000 plus at the Mohegan Sun.

Come on! Can't you just see it? John Duddy being piped into the Garden with his few thousand fans, all dressed in green, screaming his name and Matt Macklin waiting for him with all his fans from Birmingham filling in one of the rows. Ahh! A sight to behold! LET'S DO THIS!!"

Thanks and regards to all,
Clan Duddy
PS: For all those who want to pick apart those numbers, be our guest. They are obtained from and are based on the records of opponents when they fought the principals. Here. We'll start you out: John Duddy, Matthew Macklin