Chris Byrd : "I will become champion again!"

By G. Leon


Chris Byrd : "I will become champion again!"

GL: What's the latest and greatest Chris? When can we expect to see you back in the ring? "I'll be back in the ring on April 18. The card will take place in the Bahamas and ESPN2 will televise it. I don't know who I'm fighting yet, but I know I'm fighting."

GL: The fight is being shown on ESPN, does that mean we can expect an ESPN caliber opponent?

Chris Byrd: "Everybody is a threat to me. I haven't fought in a year and I want to get back in the ring. At this point, I don't know who I'm fighting or what caliber of opponent it will be, but I want to get back on that horse and ride."

GL: Are you hoping that a victory on April 18 leads to a busy 2007?

CB: "Definitely. I'm staying busy this year and it's very important to me to be active. I want to come back every other month and fight until I get back in the title mix, that's my plan."

GL: Have you given up on the SuperFighter tournament?

CB: "Not at all. It's probably still there but I've got to stay busy. I can't allow everyone else to stay busy while I'm waiting around. I need to stay active, that's what keeps me sharp. As long as I do that I know I'll be on top of my game for as long as I'm still in the game, which won't be very long."

GL: Is it difficult to prepare for an April 18 fight when you can't get proper sparring since you don't know who your opponent will be?

CB: "Nah. I'm just staying motivated that I'm fighting in April. I thank ESPN for putting me on and I'm ready to do this again. I'm ready to march towards a title. I'm expecting big things this year and I'm ready to challenge everyone out there, I really am."

GL: In the past you have acknowledged that your strategy against Klitschko was foolish, you have said that you will revert to your bread and butter, your boxing. Is that still the case? Can we expect to see Chris Byrd the boxer on April 18?

CB: "Oh yeah, that's my game. I'm a small guy and fighting guys in the trenches in stupid of me. I got to be smart, I'm older now and I have to be wiser in the ring. My talent is true boxing skill and that's what made guys shy away from me. I feel great, I know I have experience on my side and I know what to do in the ring but I have to execute. It's time to execute, I can't talk about it."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

CB: "Expect big things this year. I'm really going to shine and I'm going to go out on a high note. I'm going to win the title again and I'm going to do it by being a pure boxer. Expect major things."


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