Cherry speaks on Paul Malignaggi fight!

By Brad Cooney


Cherry speaks on Paul Malignaggi fight! reported earlier this evening that rising super-star Paulie Malignaggi would be facing one of ESPN's favorite brawlers Edner "Cherry Bomb" Cherry. sat down with Edner Cherry and got his thoughts on what is going to be the biggest fight of his career. Cherry is excited about the opportunity and looks forward to shining on HBO just like he has in the past on ESPN Friday Night Fights.

BT - What's up Edner? Talk about this big opportunity that was just dropped on your lap.

EC - I am getting ready for this next one coming up, I am excited about this one.

BT - For those who have seen you on ESPN, they know you're a guy that comes to fight, you come forward, and you have no reverse gear in you.

EC - Through all of the years, and all of the waiting for a big fight like this, I am not backing out of this one. I am excited for the opportunity.

BT - You're a guy that has been on ESPN quite a few times, but this is an HBO fight that's got to be exciting for you.

EC - Yes, I am real excited. Everyone around the world will see that I am an exciting fighter. Every fighter around the world will see Edner "Cherry Bomb" Cherry. I will be the main even on HBO, and that's exciting.

BT - How do you see yourself matching up against Malignaggi. This guy is no joke, and he has mad heart.

EC - Hey you know? it's all in the way to beat a fighter. I will be working hard, and when that night comes I will be ready. He better make sure he's ready too because it's going to be a war on HBO. I want to put on a good fight for the fans, and the crowd.

BT - When do you start camp ?

EC - As soon as I hear when it goes down, I will be in Tampa for 7 weeks staying there. I will stay away from my family for a month and a couple of weeks. I will put 101 percent into this fight, and I will come home a winner.

BT - Put it into your own words how important this win would be for you against Paulie Malignaggi.

EC - Man this would mean a whole lot for me, and my family and for the people that are waiting to see me fight again. A win puts me at a whole new level.

BT - Closing thoughts Cherry ?

EC - I want to thank all of my fans for supporting me, and my team for being there for me.


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