Chad Dawson workout quotes


Chad Dawson workout quotes

PRESS RELEASE: CHAD DAWSON: “In the few days leading up to the fight I tend to block out everything around me to maintain my focus.  In today’s workout, that was the case.  I just stayed focused, which kept my motivation high.

“There were people around me cracking jokes and being funny, but I didn’t let that bother me.  I was all business today.

“When I was hitting the heavy bag I pretended that was may opponent in front of me so I was giving a little extra today.  The bag took a legitimate beating.

“Everything feels right.  My conditioning, my focus and motivation are all there.  I simply have to stick to the game plan and come out with a lot of energy.

“The fact that we had a fighter change so close to the fight hasn’t really affected me.  I am still training hard and taking this fight very seriously.  Mendoza has a good record but he hasn’t seen anyone like me before.”

Photo 7443:  Dawson slams the heavy bag with a fierce right hook.  The expression on Dawson’s face sums up the workout: intense, unrelenting and focused.

Photo 7371: Dawson loosens up as trainer Eddie Mustafa-Muhammad looks on in the background.

Photo 7484: Dawson and trainer Mustafa-Muhammad see eye-to-eye during the glove work portion of the workout.

Photo 7402: Dawson works up a sweat as he works on timing on the double-ended bag.

Photo Credit: Tom Casino/SHOWTIME


“I am getting anxious to get in the ring against Perez.  He is a tough challenge and a challenge that I needed to confront to make a name for myself.

“There is so much preparation that goes into a fight.  There is the training, dieting, watching film and doing interviews.  I am glad the fight is a few days away because you want to see how all of that is going to pay off.

“It is going to be a great fight.  Both of us carry a lot of power behind our punches.  We’re going to give fight fans a fight to remember.”

Photo 7319: Agbeko strikes a pose, shortly after finishing his workout.