Cauthern, Witherspoon and Alexander win!

By Reg Jones


Cauthern, Witherspoon and Alexander win!

The Philly fight scene continued last night at the Blue Horizon, showcasing the talents of some of the best prospects in the city.  Terrence the “Heat” Cauthern, continued his current trend of success in the main event by winning a unanimous decision over the very game Joshua Onyango of Uganda. The former Olympian, Cauthern, stuck to his traditional style of movement in the initial rounds of the fight before initiating his attack on Onyango. Cauthern seemed to land his counter right at will, while Onyango strictly worked the body of Cauthern.  From rounds 4-8 Cauthern landed counter right hands that would’ve had any normal human being on the canvas, but the Ugandan’s chin was reminiscent of Tex Cobbs when he fought Larry Holmes, he just would not go down! I think Cathern could’ve hit Onyango with a two by four and the Ugandan would’ve just smiled and kept coming. It was an overall awesome display of Cautherns speed and footwork and Onyango’s tenacity and ability to take a punch. Cauthern cruised to a unanimous eighth round decision, the cards were 78-74, 79-73, 78-74, Cauthern improves to (30-3)(8).

Max Alexander showed the fans of Philadelphia boxing what they’ve been waiting to see from him, which is his power; Alexander was matched against Tiwon Taylore from Las Vegas, Nevada ( 24-12-1)(19) in a six round light heavyweight bout. The first two rounds, Alexander respected Taylor’s 19 KO’s by keeping his distance, popping his jab and measuring. Alexander entered round three doing more of the same when all of a sudden he nailed Taylor with a hellacious left hook that sent Taylore to the canvas in trouble!  Taylore survived the count but was in store for more punishment as Alexander came into finish the job with an array of hooks to the body that sent Taylor to the canvas again. Referee Shawn Clark had seen enough and called the fight. Alexander improves to (10-0)8kos.

Former Olympian, Chazz Witherspoon, continued his winning streak by overcoming another big challenge in the form of David Polk ( 10-5-1). Polk seemed to land the cleaner punches in the early rounds but Witherspoon took control in the mid to late rounds simply overpowering Polk with his body attack.  From round three to six Polk rested against the ropes extremely fatigued by the barrage of punches Witherspoon continued to land to the body and head. Witherspoon had no trouble winning this unanimous decision over Polk, he improves to (11-0)8.

The action continued with a 4 round heavyweight clash between Joey Abell ( 5-0)5 against Doug Robertson (2-7-1). The heavy handed Abell has crushed his first five opponents and he continued by crushing Robertson in round one of their fight. This fight was over before it started. Abell hit Robertson with a left hook that dropped him to the canvas and the ref called it at 2:23 of round one.  Abell has some serious power, only time will tell if he’ll be able to mix more skill with the power he already possesses.

William Boggs (2-0) defeated Mike McFail (12-28) in the most exciting fight of the evening a 4 round junior middleweight bout. McFail’s style was almost identical to Ricardo Mayorga’s, he taunted Boggs, took every punch that Boggs nailed him with and threw wild haymakers, but to no avail. Boggs won the unanimous decision and improves to (3-0)  Elad Shmouel(10-1(5) won by a second round TKO over Rasheed Daniels(3-10-1)(2)and Tim Coleman(3-0) defeated Marquis McConnell(1-1) in a 4 round welterweight battle.