Castillo lobbying for immediate rematch!

By Ramon Rodriguez


Castillo lobbying for immediate rematch!

Just days after losing a grueling unification bout to Diego Corrales, ex-WBC lightweight champion Jose Luis Castillo and his promoter, Top Rank, are actively seeking a rematch as soon as November.  “There are still many doubts about who is the best at lightweight,” said Castillo on a conference call Wednesday. “I definitely want a rematch…I’m sure [WBC president] Jose Sulaiman is completely behind this. My next fight will hopefully be against Corrales.”  As for referee Tony Weeks’ decision to wave off the fight with Castillo still on his feet, the Mexican warrior said, “I was a little hurt but the referee rushed the stoppage.  I didn’t even get a chance to take a knee.”

Corrales, the indisputable world champion at 135 pounds, also holds the WBO belt, so it is not at all clear that the WBC could force him into a rematch if he didn’t want one. For now, Corrales was content to discuss the immense courage that he displayed on May 7 in Las Vegas with his usual relaxed tone. “My job is to fight any name that comes up. I can and will do whatever it takes to win a fight…I knew what I had to do. I still felt like a lion (when knocked down). My obligation is to finish up any job.” He also had kind words for his rival.  “I’ll always be a Castillo fan. We have captivated people.”

Although most people agree with the stoppage, Corrales’ trainer, Joe Goossen, felt compelled to defend the ending of the fight. “Diego was never helpless or defenseless, no matter how many times he went down. His (Castillo) neck stopped supporting his head at one point and his eyes rolled to the back of his head. That was the definitive mark. He was out on his feet and asleep and the corner did not protest,” said trainer Joe Goosen. “Tony Weeks did a commendable job.”