Casamayor reaches out to recently defected Cuban Olympians

By. Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Casamayor reaches out to recently defected Cuban Olympians

“I really want to help you guys out”

Current WBC Lightweight champion Joel “El Cepillo” Casamayor contacted last night in an attempt to reach out to three of his fellow Cubans that recently fled from their teammates, as they were in Venezuela preparing for the 2007 Pan American games. “I have heard from a third party that the Cubans are in Columbia, and I just want to say to them that I  understand that they’re lots o people after you guys. Many of them are going to tell a lot of things that aren’t true just to get you guys with them. If there is anything I can do for you guys in anyway possible, to bring you guys over here and show you guys the life, I would be more than willing. I made a lot of money in my career and I have my own management company, which is Santa Barbara management, which I am a part of along with Luis De Cubas Jr. and Andrew Moore. We will love to work with you guys, and I feel like if any Cubans come to the States to fight, they would want to be with Joel Casamayor. I am a Cuban that made it here in the United States and I know what it takes. I got love for every Cuban, and I know they have love for me. I hope that (Odlanier) Solis,  (Yuriorkis) Gamboa and (Yan) Barthelemy give me a call and lets make something happen because I really want to help you guys out. You guys are the next guys to come out since me, and there is no better way for me towards the end of my career to start a new career with you young guys and bring you guys up the way I was. I send my best wishes to you guys, and hopefully we will crown each other champions together.


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