Casamayor has harsh words for Acelino Freitas, Juan Diaz and Erik Morales

By G. Leon


Casamayor has harsh words for Acelino Freitas, Juan Diaz and Erik Morales

GL: What's the latest and greatest with Joel Casamayor? "I've just been hanging out with my family having a good time. We just start with camp this week and it's looking like I'm going to be fighting in Panama on June 16, Roberto Duran's birthday. It's going to be a tune-up and I'm going to keep myself nice and fit and then I'm going to hopefully fight the winner of those two chickens (Acelino) Freitas and Juan Diaz. If not, the winner of Morales-Diaz. Either way I want the winners."

GL: Do you know who you'll be fighting on June 16?

JC: "Not yet, but when I do your phone will ring."

GL: You refer to Freitas and Diaz as two chickens. Your name was in the mix for fights with both of them, what happened?

Joel Casamayor: "Basically I know what they did, they ran from me. I want to fight the best here and now. If they wanted it I would have ran through Diaz and I would have ran through Freitas. But eventually they're not going to be able to run. People know who the real champion and I'm going to stay busy on June 16."

GL: Would you prefer to fight Erik Morales or the winner of Acelino Freitas-Juan Diaz?

JC: "Erik Morales. I think he is a legendary fighter and so am I. That would be a legendary fight. I have no problem fighting Freitas or Diaz. They're both little punks. Diaz is talking a lot and Freitas says he only wants to fight me and then he backs up on his word. To me they're not real men, real men stand up. The same goes for Morales, he was supposed to fight me and then he backed down. Morales is a pussy, he wouldn't fight me when I was the WBC champ but then he runs to fight David Diaz for the title. But whichever one of them HBO feels is most lucrative for my career is the one I'll run through for them. Morales would be a great Cuban-Mexican match-up. By the begining of next year I want to have all of these guys out of the way so I can get the winner of Ricky Hatton and Jose LUis Castillo."

GL: Who do you like in Hatton-Castillo?

JC: "Castillo. He's too strong and he's going to destroy him to the body. But he has to come in good shape though."

GL: Is there anything you'd like to say in closing?

JC: "I want to thank all of my fans across the world for their support. I'm going to fight on June 16 and then I'm going to coming for all these chumps to make sure I have a hall of fame career."