Casamayor fires back at Diaz

By G. Leon


Casamayor fires back at Diaz

GL: Juan Diaz said that you got greedy after you were offered a fight with him. I'm sure you've heard about the interviews. Is there anything you'd like to say in response? "How can I get greedy when I wasn't offered nothing? I haven't fought since Corrales so he sounds ridiculous trying to say I turned anything down, that's just his way of punking out and hiding behind your promoter. If you guys are real men, you know who the real champion is. El Cepillo. I'm willing to move up to 140 and to be honest with you, I'll move higher than that for the right fight, but he shouldn't be telling lies. Nobody made us an offer, we're ready take the fight and step in there to beat the shit out of the little Baby Bull. We personally showed up there to watch his fight with Freitas and Diaz is a punk. He's a four foot midget who made me look like I belong in the NBA. I saw fear in his eyes when he looked at me then so just tell him to stop lying and tell the fans the truth, you just want a belt you don't want to face the champion."

"This guy is ducking me. I beat the man who beat the man and that's why I'm the champion. He's fighting Julio Diaz next but he's no champion. I don't know how many times I have to say that. Now boxing is at the point where these guys are able to hide behind their promoters. In the old days the champs had to fight the best and that's what I'm trying to do, but these other guys keeping hiding from the challenge. But when a guy comes out and tells lies that's when it has to stop."

GL:Have there been any discussions between your people and Lou DiBella relating to a fight with Paul Malignaggi?

Joel Casamayor: "We talked to DiBella and to be honest with you we don't think he likes the fight. He doesn't like it for either fighter because he thinks it's a bad style match-up. I don't have any problem making it happen becuause personally I think it's an easy fight. I'll chop him up real nice on any date they put in front of me. I'll fight Hatton, any of them it doesn't matter. When Freitas fought Diaz we were rooting for Freitas because we knew he would fight me and Diaz would punk out and hide behind his promoter. We talked about that personally in Foxwoods that weekend and now it's happening like I said."

GL: Do you still not have any date lined up?

JC: "Nothing. We're waiting to see what happens. The winner of Freitas-Diaz was supposed to fight Casamayor, but what happened? Why did they go the other way? No offer was ever made. If someone makes an offer we're going to fight."


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