Casamayor Wants Barrera

By Darren Nichols


Casamayor Wants Barrera

"The best Cuban of this era vs. the best Mexican of this era. Lets settle the score!"

BoxingTalk:  Joel, how have you been celebrating your win over Diego Corrales?
Joel Casamayor: I've been here in my home in Miami with family and friends and just loving life.

BoxingTalk:  In talking with Corrales and his trainer Joe Goossen after the fight, they truly believed they won, but were robbed of the decision.  Your thoughts?
Joel Casamayor: I feel at that point Joe was more of protecting his job but he honest knows that I won and for Corrales he just can't accept that I'm the better fighter and he lost the final war. So they both need to stop lying through their teeth and be men about it and accept defeat!

BoxingTalk:  With all three of your fights being close ones, is there any chance of a fourth fight with Diego?
Joel Casamayor: To be honest I feel like I closed the book and threw away the key on Diego. I feel that I was 3-0 against him and I'm obviously the better fighter. But in this business you never want to say never if the fans want it, and its a good move for me, and my team yes, hey. why not!

BoxingTalk:  With this win against Corrales, where do you feel you now rank amongst the best of the Cuban fighters?
Joel Casamayor: I leave that to you guys to decide that but I feel like I'm one of the greatest fighters of all-time period. If you take away the wrongdoings that have been done to me, I'm 38-0 and being considered the pound-for-pound king, but you can't look back and I will be at the top of that list by the time I retire. To really answer your question I feel I will end up being the best Cuban figter of all-time!!!

BoxingTalk:  What were your first thoughts when you found out Corrales did not make weight?
Joel Casamayor: I was disappointed because first of all it was a directly disrespectful to the sport of boxing and The Las Vegas Commision which he heavily criticized for the Castillo problem, and disrespect to me personally.

BoxingTalk:  I am hearing that you want to face Marco Antonio Barrera at a catch weight of 133.  Any word from Golden Boy Promotions about that fight actually coming to fruition?
Joel Casamayor: Why a catch weight? I make that with no problem but why would wouldn't he move to 135 and fight me for my WBC and Ring titles. He can also make history by trying to capture another title in another weight class which would be five I think. But hey, if that's what he wants I'll fight him on any terms that benefits him and let's get in the ring and fight. The best Cuban of this era vs. the best Mexican of this era. PERIOD. Lets settle the score!

BoxingTalk:  What is the main reason for you wanting to face Barrera when the lightweight division is full of talent?
Joel Casamayor: When I first came to this country I told my promoter Luis Decubas to put me in with Barrera in my debut. But, the main reason is he is a legend and I'm a legend now.  Let's see who is the "Ultimate Legend!"

BoxingTalk:  How much of a role has the great Roberto Duran played a role in your career?
Joel Casamayor: He has played a great role in my career. First when you have a legend mentoring you things can't go wrong and  he is just a great guy and I have a lot of love for him. It is definitely a plaesure having Roberto be my promoter.

BoxingTalk:  When can we expect to see you in the ring next?
Joel Casamayor: Sometime next year and hopefully against Barrera or Lil Floyd at a catchweight because I am the best and I want to fight the best!

I wanna thank God, my family and friends, DRL promtions and Santa Barbara Mangement, and Darren Nichols of boxingtalk for this interview. And last but not least all my fans across the world!



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