Casamayor Issues Statement About Fighting Freitas

By Darren Nichols


Casamayor Issues Statement About Fighting Freitas

The WBC lightweight champ, Joel Casamayor contacted BoxingTalk earlier today by phone to get the message out that he wants Acelino Freitas, and he wants him now.  Casamayor stated, “Let’s drop the bad blood.  I have no problem with Freitas right now, we’re two great warriors, we’re the [Sugar Ray] Leonard and [Marvelous Marvin] Hagler of this era, and this fight needs to happen, not just for financial reasons, but for boxing history.”

 When asked about facing Freitas as his next opponent Casamayor added, “I have no animosity towards Freitas.  I’m done with one rival, beating Corrales, now I need a new rival, and I’m looking forward to the biggest fights.  Our first fight was supposed to be huge, and it was alright, but this next one will be a war…you better believe it will be a war.”

Responding to reports that the Casamayor-Freitas might take place in Brazil, the WBC champ says, “If the money is right we’ll go to Brazil.  I’ll fight him anywhere and everywhere, but our fight belongs in the U.S, places like Miami or Vegas.  All of today’s biggest fights are in Vegas.”

BoxingTalk will continue to keep you up to date on this matter, until then,  remember where you heard it first. (11:45am PST)