Carlos "Famoso" Hernandez Ready to Wage War One More Time

By Darren Nichols


Carlos "Famoso" Hernandez Ready to Wage War One More Time

A true warrior is never one to rest for very long, and Carlos "Famoso" Hernandez is no exception.  The last time we saw the former IBF junior lightweight titlist in the ring was almost one year ago when he lost a decision to Kevin Kelley.  At the time, however, Hernandez was simply going through the motions as he prepared for his fight, doing what was instilled in him at an early age, but without the passion.  Now, having moved his family to San Antonio, Texas, and establishing himself as a sought-after trainer of boxers and MMA fighters, Famoso now sees what he has been missing.  As the saying goes, "absence makes the heart grow fonder," and having been out of the squared circle since losing to Kelley, Hernandez has regained the spark, and the desire to once again become a champion who has battled with the likes of Jesus Chavez, Erik Morales and Floyd Mayweather.  Parallel with his years of courage and determination inside the ring, Famoso is willing to step in with the best to prove that he still has the warrior's heart that has made him so famous.  Names like David Diaz, Joel Casamayor and Jesus Chavez are men who Hernandez would like to face next. The question is, can he entice them to give him a shot.  Boxingtalk caught up with Famoso recently to get his thoughts about his next bout, when we could see him in the ring next, and how his training of other fighters has helped him become a better fighter.

BT:  Carlos, we haven’t had you on Boxingtalk in a while.  What’s the latest with you?

Carlos Hernandez:  It’s funny.  An LA radio station recently called me and asked me the same question.  I’m living in Texas now, training with Jesse James Leija in his gym, working with boxers and MMA fighters, and studying to become a personal trainer to help other fighters.  Also, I’m looking forward to going to Wales in November to see my boy Mikkel Kessler fight Joe Calzaghe.

BT:  How is the personal training program going for you?

CH:  I’m still studying and working on the credential, but soon I’ll be a personal master trainer so I can work with fighters and any athlete they throw at me.  I’m learning the biomechanics, the anatomy, and the physiology in bettering any athlete in any sport.

BT:  You always have come in shape in your fights.  How do you enjoy training other fighters to prepare them for their fights?

CH:  It’s great.  I was working with a three-time world Jujitsu champion.  He stopped one opponent in a minute, and another opponent in 13 seconds, both with right hands.  I was working on his stand up game.  He couldn’t throw a left or right hand before I started working with him, but I took him through the basics, we had a good month to train, and I got him ready.  He had a beautiful right hand that he didn’t know he had.  During sparring, he busted his sparring partner’s eye open which built up both his confidence as a fight, and mine as a trainer.  It makes me realize that I’m still hungry to see if I can fight myself.

BT:  How are you enjoying your new home in San Antonio?

CH:  It’s beautiful.  My parents came by to visit, and they loved it.  You see people walking around, walking their dogs, there’s no cars on the road, and it’s so quiet.  The weather is like it is in LA, and it’s really nice.

BT:  The last time we saw you in the ring was last year when you were defeated by Kevin Kelley.  Can we expect to see you in the ring any time soon?

CH:  I want to do my last fight for El Salvador in March, and depending on how that goes, I’d like another crack at some big fights here in the US.  I don’t know if it will be my last fight, but it will be my last fight in El Salvador.  I feel good where I’m at, and when I see some of these guys out there winning their fight, I feel I can still do it.

BT:  Do you have any details on your farewell fight for El Salvador?

CH:  Not yet.  It’s hard to do it from here.  We’d have to sit down in the next couple months and a company to put up the finances.  I don’t know who the opponent may be, but at he would have to be from Mexico since there is such a beautiful rivalry going on between El Salvador and Mexico.

BT:  In your fights against Bobby Pacquiao and Jesus Chavez, many in the arena and those watching at home thought you won those fights.  Would you be willing to fight them again to redeem those fights?

CH:  I wouldn’t mind fighting Jesus Chavez again.  He’s in the same position I am.  I think he’s deciding if he wants to retire or not.  Our fight was a good fight.  People were excited about it, and so was I, even though I lost.  I was happy with my performance, and he’s a helluva warrior.  If we could do it again, believe me the outcome would be different.

BT:  With David Diaz as the new WBC lightweight titlist, would you be willing to lace them up again to fight for his title?

CH:  He’s a good technician, and I think a fight with Diaz would be a great fight.  Look who I’ve been in the ring with.  I came out clean against Morales, and he couldn’t land a solid shot against me.  I’ve fought Mayweather, and I’ve sparred with Oscar De La Hoya and Sugar Shane Mosley.  Deep down I’d also like to fight Casamayor.  He’s got the sweet science behind him.  I’ve fought the best, but when it comes down to it I haven’t beaten the best, but I feel I still can.

BT:  What would you like to say to all your fans who have watched you over the years and who have followed your career?

CH:  I appreciate those who have stayed in contact with me.  I appreciate your support, and I’m glad you have enjoyed my style of fighting.  I hope I’ve been able to inspire you.

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