Can Morales-Barrera IV happen in 2006? Marco Antonio Barrera speaks out to Boxingtalk!

By Darren Nichols


Can Morales-Barrera IV happen in 2006? Marco Antonio Barrera speaks out to Boxingtalk!

Even though one of the best junior lightweights and pound-for-pound fighters in the world was playing the role of a “suit” this past weekend as part of Team Golden Boy Promotions, Marco Antonio Barrera spoke with BoxingTalk about who he will fight next, what 2006 has in store for he and his fans, and if Barrera-Morales IV is on his radar screen.


BoxingTalk:  Marco, what’s the latest?  Are we going to see you in the ring next with Jesus Chavez?


Marco Antonio Barrera:  I am going to sit down with team and Golden Boy Promotions to work out the best deal, but I could be facing Chavez next.  We are also looking at a possible fight with Jorge Barrios.


BoxingTalk:  If it was up to you, who would you rather face, Chavez or Barrios?


Marco Antonio Barrera:  I want to do what is best for me and my career.  I would rather let my promotional team work out the details with who I fight next before I say anything.


BoxingTalk:  2005 was a great year for you.  Do you feel 2006 be as productive for you as this one was?


Marco Antonio Barrera:  Yes, 2006 will be a great year just like 2005 was for me, and you will see my in exciting fight like you did this past year.


BoxingTalk:  You know I have to ask about a fourth match-up with Erik Morales.  Can it happen this year?


Marco Antonio Barrera:  We offered him the fight, but he fought Zahir Raheem instead, but I am willing to fight Morales whenever we can make it happen.


BoxingTalk:  As we all know, Morales took the fight against Raheem and lost.  He is next facing Manny Pacquiao in a rematch.  If Morales was to lose against Pacquiao, would the appeal for fourth fight with Morales be diminished for you?


Marco Antonio Barrera:  Another fight with Morales will be great for the fans whenever we fight each other again.  I will face Morales anytime, and I will fight whoever the fans and my promotional team wants me to fight.


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