Campbell wants Marquez!

By G. Leon


Campbell wants Marquez!

GL:  Tell us about it, the guys showed up to Mississippi, but didn't show up to fight.  Give us your thoughts on it.  "I never thought he wouldn't have fought, I was shocked.  He compounded everything by not coming back with a concrete answer until I was walking to the dressing room.  As I was walking to the dressing room with Showtime, I was being told there was no fight."

GL:  Are you going to take any legal action against this guy?

Nate Cambell:  Right now my legal team is talking.  We're addressing these accounts and the issue, I'm sure that we are.  I don't know to what extent.  He's going to be sued by everybody and their mother.  He may just want to go out and get a job somewhere.  I heard he's going to have a minimum of a one year suspention by the commision.  He didn't get a medical suspention, by the way.  He had an administative suspention.  He was cleared by the state doctor.  The decision not to fight was made by Joan Guzman, it was not made by the doctor.  Wherever you heard that, that is a lie.  He was cleared by the Mississippi state doctor.

GL:  You were scheduled to make $300,000 last Saturday night.  What have you been payed so far?

NC:  Right now, that's also in litigation.  I'm at the point now where I came to fight, and I didn't fight.  The money is the issue.  I feel is was very disrespectful and very unprofessional for him to pull out of the fight. 

GL:  That's toward Guzman, but as far as it relates to your money, this was something that a lot of people don't realize could mess you up financially.

NC:  I'm not worried about that right now.  That's the least of my worries, my bills are paid, my family and I are good for now. 

GL:  What has your feedback with Don King been up to this point?

NC:  I haven't talked to Don King.

GL:  Has there been any discussion about when you're going to fight next?

NC:  That hasn't been in discussion either.  What happened Saturday is something that has a lot of people still in shock.  At the same time, things have to be taken care of businesswise.

GL:  What are your thoughts on Casamayor-Marquez?

NC:  He got a guy that's been done for a long time.  Casamayor, I gaurantee you didn't make $600,000  From what I'm hearing through the grapevine, they were giving away tickets, for one, and for two, they didn't do well on the PPV. 

GL:  What did you think of Diaz-Katsidis?

NC:  Two very ordinary guys fighting.

GL:  Who did you think won, what did you think about the fight?

NC:  I thougt Diaz won the fight big, I didn't see a split decison.  I think that was more of a ploy by the powers that be to keep Katsidis marketable.  I didn't give him more than two rounds.

GL:  Do you want to fight Marquez the most now that he's beaten Casamayor?

NC:  I want to fight the very best fighter out there.  If they say he's the best fighter, that's who I want to fight.

GL:  How does a fight with you and Marquez play out?

NC:  Everyone talks about how well he stacks up in the lighweight division, I am the lightweight division.  I'm the best lightweight in the world, bar none.  They can say what they want, and make anybody out to be who they want to be.  In the ring, I'm the best lightweight out there.  I don't see anyone beating me at lightweight.

GL:  Closing thoughts.

NC:  I want to tell everyone thank you.  I did my job, I came to fight.  I didn't get to fight, but that's how the ball bounces.  I'm still lightweight champion of the world, and I'm waiting to see what comes next.


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