Camarena on Malignaggi fight: I’ll be the one giving him trouble, not his hands

Ray O. Campbell Jr.


Camarena on Malignaggi fight: I’ll be the one giving him trouble, not his hands

Mike Arnaoutis turned us down twice; he went from Mighty to Frighty

RC: Donald how is preparation going for your fight against Paul Malignaggi?
Donald Camarena: It is going good, training is going all right. Like always we are out here in high altitude training hard and getting ready.

RC: What are your thoughts on Malignaggi as a fighter?
DC: He is slick too, you know he is a good fighter but he has a lot of flaws himself, and his hand is one of them. So we will see what he has to bring.

RC: Do you buy into his hand being 100% better this time?
Aurelio Martinez: Obviously he is going o tell you it feels better. This is his last hurrah and he knows it. After the last fight when he fought Jeremy Yelton, and he broke his hand, he realized that they are getting ready to dump him. They are getting ready to wash their hands with him, DiBella and everyone else. So basically they are not giving him a tune up fight. They are saying “Paulie, **explicit** or get off the pot” so basically what is going to happen here is he is going to **explicit**. He is one of these fighters that are up and coming, that believe all of the press that they get, telling them they are very good and they do everything well, and they get so caught up that they actually believe that. Until someone steps in the ring, and shows them that they are not all what they are cracked up to be.

RC: Donald, from what I understand you have worked with Floyd Mayweather Jr. before, why don’t you tell us what that was like?
DC: I worked with him for DeMarcus Corley and the Sharmba Mitchell fight.

RC: Floyd is considered by many the pound for pound best in the world, what was it like being in camp with him?
DC: It was real good, I held my own and the people in his camp even said that they never seen anyone give Floyd work like I have in a long long time, and that I am soon to be a world champion. It was a pretty good experience, and I am ready for this fight.

RC: Yo haven’t received  the type of exposure Malignaggi has, so people might just be looking at you as just an opponent for Malignaggi. What would you say to those people out there that might be under that impression?
DC: I mean it is cool, I like being the underdog. I know he has fought on T.V. more times, but once we get in that ring they are going to see.

RC: What are your thoughts on his prediction in which he said you are going to sleep in this fight?
DC: I laughed at that. Paulie couldn’t even break an egg. He slaps too much. He fights to amateurish and he slaps a lot.

RC: Well if his hands are better this time around, he might be able to use that right hand and turn his punches over a little better. Do you think he might be a different fighter with a well right hand?
DC: I just really see me being the one that gives him trouble not his hands. It it is going to be me giving him all the problems.

RC: What do you feel a win over a highly talked about prospect like Malignaggi will do for your career?
DC: It would just put me a little higher in the rankings. It is a good fight, like I said but I am going to keep my title, get ranked higher and show that he is too amateurish. He is not going to be able to slap me around like he does them other boys.

RC: If all goes well in your fight with Paulie, what are some of your goals for 2006?
DC: Trying to become the world champ.

RC: In 2006? With just..
DC: (Cutting in) in any chance I get…..

AM: (Cutting in) were ready, the biggest problem we had was people backing away. We signed to fight Mike Arnaoutis on two different occasions, and Might turned out to be frighty because he backed out both times, and we also had an agreement to fight Herman Ngoudjo for his title (NABF).

RC: What can the people tuning in on ESPN February 10th expect from Donald Camarena?
DC: That I keep my title.

RC: Is there anything else you’d like to add in closing?
AM: Basically for the fans on ESPN, they need to tune into this fight. Because they are use to watching Paul Malignaggi fight these slow hands picked opponents…

DC: (Cutting in, In the background) “White Boys” (Then starts to laugh)

AM: (Continues) and now they are going to actually find someone in the ring that is faster than Paulie, and when Paulie tries to use speed, he is going to get hit and probably taste the canvas before he has a chance to throw a two punch combination. So people need to watch this fight, they are going to be very impressed.

RC: Are you implying that this fight might not go the distance?
AM: If Paulie tries to hit Donald then obviously he is going to get hit back, as a matter of I am sure he will. If he gets on his bicycle and run, then let’s just hope that he is in good enough shape to run for twelve rounds.



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