Calzaghe-Lacy: The War of Words

By Matt Winsper


Calzaghe-Lacy: The War of Words

With the biggest British fight of the year coming up this weekend between two proven world class foes, there has been much copy provided by the two. With tension building in the run up to Saturday’s big match, Boxingtalk’s Matt Winsper took time out to check out the best quotes from the two fighters and their camps.

It’s a real 50-50 fight, so I hope some of these quotes help you decide either way!

Jeff Lacy: “This guy has been running and running and running and running. I figure if we take away the reasons he’s running, he’ll stop running and we’ll see who is the man.”...Lacy says he’s chasing a showdown with Calzaghe to Greg Leon of

Frank Warren (Calzaghe’s promoter): “If Jeff Lacy beats Robin Reid then the fight with Joe is a done deal. It'll either be in September, October or November but it is a 100% done deal provided Lacy wins.”…Warren responds by setting the fight up, from BBC Sport

Jeff Lacy: “There was talk about me and Joe Calzaghe getting in the ring after I got past this fight. But I looked at Reid as a challenge and that he wanted to come out and take my title. But I'm a man on a mission.”…Lacy talks to the press after he blasts out Robin Reid to set up the fight

Frank Warren: “It's now all down to Joe to do the business in his fight. Lacy is lined up for November 5 in Britain but first Joe has to win on September 10. Joe's opponent will be announced shortly but he knows he will have to do an impressive job on him to keep his unification fight against Lacy.”…Frank Warren tempts fate on

Frank Warren: “I very much doubt it is going to go on. He is never going to be ready for that so we’ll try to arrange the fight for next year.”...Warren tells ITV Sport that Joe is out of the Lacy fight after injuring his hand in the Evans Ashira fight

Jeff Lacy: “If the injury is serious, I mean, he talked about having injuries and he knew it could happen with him fighting two months out. I really don’t think his injury is legit. If it I’m sorry, but I really don’t think it is.”...Lacy pours scorn on Calzaghe’s hand injury to Greg Leon of

Joe Calzaghe: “How can I make this up? Why would I want to pull out of the biggest fight of my career? Nobody understands how badly I wanted to fight Jeff Lacy, and like I said, nobody was more disappointed than me when I broke my hand.”…to Matt Winsper of in reply to Lacy’s accusations

Gary Shaw (Lacy’s manager): “Calzaghe is not on our radar any longer and he’s not on Jeff’s radar either.”…to Greg Leon of after the cancellation of the initial date

Jeff Lacy: “I would love to fight Calzaghe. It depends on what he has to do, but he has to be willing to guarantee me certain things so that I know he ain’t wasting my time.”…Jeff slips it out that Joe IS on his radar to Greg Leon of

Joe Calzaghe: “It has been my dream to unify titles. This fight against Lacy is the one that will secure my legacy. I was disappointed more than anyone when the fight against Lacy had to be postponed because I broke my hand against Ashira, but that is in the past, and I'm now fully focused on fighting and beating Lacy.”…Joe is happy talking to about the fight being restaged

Jeff Lacy: “Finally, the two best super middleweights will be risking undefeated records and world championship belts just like Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns did when they first fought, and I applaud Joe for taking the risk like a true champion.”…Jeff gets excited talking to Dan Rafael about the fight being back on

Joe Calzaghe: “He’s a big puncher, so I will use my jab and take advantage of my speed, but I’ll mix it up if I have to. Remember that I can do it both ways, and I’ll fight him in close punch-for-punch if that’s what it takes.”…on how he’ll fight Lacy to Matt Winsper of

Gary Shaw: “I’ve always said that Lacy knocks Calzaghe out. There’s nothing out there that’s going to make me change my mind. You know how exciting Jeff is and how much pressure he puts on a fighter.”...on Jeff’s chances of winning to Greg Leon of

Joe Calzaghe: “Lacy's last couple of performances have raised my opinion of him as a fighter. He's improving but as far as I'm concerned, I have total confidence in my own ability and that I'll win the fight."…Joe sounds impressed with Jeff, talking to

Jeff Lacy: “March 4 is going to be my personal 'VJ Day' -- Victory over Joe”…Lacy sounds confident in a press release

Joe Calzaghe: “They are hurtful punches and he's going to know all about them on Saturday night. Whatever the talk, when you get in the ring you are going to see the power."…Joe hits back at Lacy’s ‘slap punching’ accusations on

Jeff Lacy: “I was outraged when Joe first won his title and told the viewing audience he was rooting against England when they were playing in a critical World Cup qualifying match. That’s my team! And for that he will pay…he will be eating a lot of English leather on Saturday night!”…from a press release on his supposed English heritage

Joe Calzaghe: “I don't feel under any pressure and in fact have seldom felt so relaxed going into a world title clash. I have felt under far more pressure going into other title fights when I had far more to lose and nothing to gain.”…‘Joe Cool’ speaks on

Gary Shaw: “Saturday night will be a coronation for Jeff. After he gives Joe a royal beating it will be HRH Jeff Lacy…His Royal Hookness!”…Shaw in fine form in a press release